Anyone in Fawnskin singing in the rain?

Above: Fawnskin rain is a happy thing…sort of.

So, I am glad I paid attention to the weather forecast and had all my outside appointments yesterday. I woke up in the night when the rain began hitting my window panes. It made me say a prayer of thanks. We are getting long overdue rain…but did we have to get it all at once?

Didn’t I tell you to do the rain dances but also ask for it in moderation? Did you forget that part?

Never mind that highway 18 is closed due to rock and mud slides (sigh)–we really need the precipitation. I had hoped that we would get snow but when I hit the bed last night the outside temp was in the high 40s. Cloud cover tends to keep the heat in…

Although I had not planned to go into town, I had some banking and other stops to make and figured I would hunker down and NOT go down the hill this weekend. By late morning, North Shore Drive East of town had already flooded.

Right now I am gazing down at the Prowler property and the water is pooling up a little bit and streaming out as it always has. The difference is that I have a clear view since they flattened the land.

Which reminds me, it used to be that water streaming down to lakes and the ocean could perculate through the sand, dirt, gravel, and rocks. No wonder we have problems with water quality–everything is paved over…(Whoops, there I go again.)

I thought it funny that the waterfowl are up by the other neighbor’s driveway having a party. The water tends to stream down off the highway, down their driveway and into Grout Bay.

Overall, rain is a good thing. Being on the road probably isn’t. Man do people do silly things on wet pavement.

I’ll save you the rant…or did you want me to go off?

Anyway, I survived the craziness and got home safely. I did use some inappropriate language though. I shake my head in disbelief a lot, too.

In between working, I have been hanging my new curtains. I had to order two more valences but am pretty happy with the new look. Sometimes a girl just has to decorate.

Hey! I hear you snickering and gasping in disbelief–I do too have girlish qualities–you just never get to see them!

Above: Snow Valley has been “open”

I hoped the temperatures up on the slopes were colder, they usually are, but the web cameras at the slopes over at Ben’s Weather show me that they have been getting rain…BUT the snow level is supposed to fall to 6,000 feet tonight.

RATS! I forgot to pick up the new snow shovel!

Above: Rain is a dismal thing at ski resorts–especially if they are at a lower altitude.

The Women of Wisdom conference is scheduled this weekend. I was a bit surprised at hearing that the conference center would not let them cancel when the fire hit and the roads were closed–they were going to still charge them.

So, they moved the event to this weekend–now the front road is closed and who knows what the slide situation is on Highway 38.


Okay, now it is time to get back to work. I had to post another video–because someone has to go outside and celebrate by singing in the rain!

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