Blue Jay Parade etc.,

The 25th Annual Blue Jay Christmas Parade is December 1st

I discovered this after my morning stroll with Shadow because I had to head down here to Running Springs.

While in the area I dropped by to see a few of my merchant pals. Most have done well, but concerns regarding the lack of snow and commerce are mountain wide.

Snow or rain is expected this weekend and it would be a good thing. Snow Valley is hurting–evidence is the patches of white snow on the canvas of large stretches of dirt and the resorts in Big Bear could use some natural dusting. It always helps when people down the hill see the news reports of snow.

So, as soon as I whined about the heat, it got cold, and now it is hot again. I have mixed feelings about both. I love the winter but I’ve delayed buying more wood. What does THAT mean?

On the other hand, I had a blast down in San Diego and enjoy not having to wear gloves, boots…come to think of it, I need a new snow shovel. Maybe I am lazy or in denial. Even though I had to layer this am, I didn’t throw my jacket in the truck and sure enough had to ditch one layer…and that was about 11am. But I will need it tonight!

While out spending money yesterday, I notice the parking lots of most of the Big Bear lots were pretty empty. One of the merchants down here said she was concerned for Big Bear economically based on a variety of factors.

The buzz down here was that after the fire, there was a burst of spending. However now it seems to be slow. Many people are not aware of the vulnerability our mountain faces after natural disasters–we have problems that linger.

I’ve been nesting still–a definate response after the evacuation but it just resurfaced and I am not sure why. Speculation down here is that many locals are doing the same thing. (Eating in and staying close to home.)

My view of the work they did along the highway (on my way to and from Running Springs) to secure parts of the burn areas above the road–reminded me of the risk we face this winter and so I hope we get snow and not rain this weekend.

Okay, I have to run off now. I have a longer commentary coming up but figure I’ve spoiled you by posting so much and speculate that you will go into withdrawals unless I keep up with some sort of standard.

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