Day Trips From Big Bear: Glen Ivy

Occassionally I get out of town. At the moment I am in San Diego but last week I had the opportunity to meet some pals down at Glen Ivy Spa & Resort down in Corona.

I stopped by to check in with my pal Terri at the Bus Stop, I had not seen her since the fire and it was good to connect. The big surprise is that she happened to have a free pass for entry to Glen Ivy–which she gave to me–score!

It took two hours to get to Glen Ivy due to the fire recovery work, slow trucks, and traffic on Highway15. Hate that.

When I arrived I discovered just how great it was–but entry was $48! Good thing I had the pass. Monday through Thursday you can access the spa for $35 and there is a special until December 19th for a two-for-one on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If anyone wants to go–give me jingle since I am game.

The place was gorgeous Very tropical.

There were several ponds…

…and a nice waterfall.

The restaurant was cafeteria style–with salads and food made when you ordered. Nice. Lunch ranged from about $15 up. You just ambled in for service–and the attire? Swim suits!

There were a variety of other services available. Admission includes the steam room, sauna, mineral pools, pools, and Club Mudd. Additional fee based services include a wide variety of facials, massage, pedicures, manicures, and more. You can take and elevator down to The Grotto–a series of caves with moisturizing services and time to relax.

Above: The happy clan arrives for a day of relaxation.

I met a variety of people from San Diego and Newport Beach. Many drop by the spa on a regular basis. Snears were all around when the help filled the water dispenser with an old bucket with faded letters written by permanent marker–comments were that for the price of entry, the least they could do was at least use nice looking pitchers.

The over diligent help also tossed my beach towel in the laundry and also managed to take my suit as well! I stopped the towel thief but didn’t realize that my suit was gone until I arrived home.

Staff were super and the place had a great locker room, dressing rooms, and showering facilities. If you are looking for a nice place to visit–this is it.

The other perk is that young children are NOT allowed so it is a nice serene adult environment. The other spas I visit tend to have kids, which is okay but there are sometimes you don’t want to deal with splashing, screaming, unsupervised midgets.

The hours are only from 9:30am until 5:00pm, which is a drawback. I am spoiled with my places in the desert, but if I want to feel pampered, this is the place I will go since the desert oasis tends to be fairly plain–but full of entertaining people from all over the world.

Still, a day in paradise with overly attentive staff does a body good!

I’ll be on the road again tomorrow so probably won’t post again until Monday or Tuesday.

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