Disappearing Docks & More

Above: Candidate Commeraderie and GG STILL doesn’t rate as I can’t get two of the Fawnskin Mayor Candidates to look at the camera.

I forgot to write about those docks that suddenly appeared in Grout Bay–but then they disappeared yesterday. Guessing they are over at Captain John’s Marina but I am heading out of town for the next two days and so will probably miss the scoop.

Maybe the Snoop Sisters can find out for me…

In the meantime, the Fawnskin Market’s hours have changed a little–which was why they were closed when I dropped by the other night. Mike also has a helper now and was actually gone when I popped in yesterday!

Fawnskin Market Winter Hours
Sunday through Thursday: 7am to 7:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 7am to 8:00pm

The Fawnskin Fireman’s Auxillary Fundraiser & Potluck mentioned earlier this week will be at the Moose Lodge from 5pm and at 6pm there will be a bake auction. It is a Mexican food theme so stop by.

Chris told me that the Fireman’s Appreciation dinner this weekend will run from 1pm until 5pm at St Joseph’s Church. Many service agency personnel have been invited. They are still asking for help from the community. She is going to send me the number and additional info for you…

The annual Fawnskin Christmas Tree Lighting will be held on December 1st so mark your calendar. The whole town shows up and it is a fun time.

This weekend there are a lot of fundraisers for those of our neighbors from the communities devestated by the Slide & Grass Valley fires. Remember, you can also take gift cards down to the fire stations throughout the valley for those who lost everything. KBHR has announced many of them on the radio but I didn’t see them listed on their website.

The buzz around town is about the changing speed limit. CalTrans will have 25 mph signs up starting on the 20th. The Fawnskin Chamber has been working on that project on the main drag for over a year but the Grizzly reported they did a survey two weeks ago, when, I ask you, has ANY government agency worked so fast?

In case you wondered, the answer is–never.

Anyway, I’ve heard people saying that the speed limit is changing on Rim of the World Drive and then on Highway 38. So, we shall wait to see–or perhaps I should call CalTrans to check myself.

My bet is that it is Rim of the World Drive–because the limit ends at Arapaho. We town folk have raised the issue about speeders through town and were told that until someone gets killed (my paraphrasing or did they really say that?) it is unlikely to change.

So, if you have a kid that takes the bus you might be happy next week should those signs change IF that is true but we already have the 25mph signs posted on both sides of town so I doubt it.

The kicker through all the discussions with Cal Trans was that we were also told that the posted speed limit of 25mph through town is “suggested” so I am guessing that is why they don’t enforce it?

Whoops, there I go again…

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One Response to “Disappearing Docks & More

  • 1
    November 15th, 2007 11:09

    Hey G.G. have a nice time while you’re on the road. Being from one of those small towns myself, I understand the way they change. They do if very slowly, but mostly not at all.

    BTW…what’s the book with the blue cover? Can you give me a hint.