Fawnskin Crime Wave: Theft in Fawnskin

Above: Local statement regarding the trust factor–do the right thing and no stealing.

When I first moved to the mountain you could leave your home and vehicle open without worrying about theft.

In fact, I got immense joy, laughing out loud, as I drove around to garage and yard sales and found unattended jars with a sign, “Leave your contribution” out front so that after you picked through the stash you could leave the moola before going on your merry way.

It amazed me that the jar would be full of money and that when I cruised by later the jar would still have the money (and even more). These garage sales worked on the honor system and I loved picking out things and dropping the funds in the jar.

You see, I grew up in such conditions and as a southern California gal–miss those times now that some areas I used to frequent are unsafe to venture into.

The good ol’ days. (Did I really just say that?)

*sigh* Times have changed.

Above: The fine signage directing people to the local firewood source.

I first heard about the Fawnskin theft problem from Pete. Pete is the guy who always wears overalls and drives that little tractor down the main drag. He also has the fountain with the cherub peeing into it.

Do you get the idea that he is a character?

Most of us who live here in Fawnskin are characters since like attracts like…but Pete’s picture is in the dictionary where it defines the term.

Anyway, he told me that people steal the firewood he has for sale.

Never mind that he has the cheapest pricing for bundles around–they steal it.

Above: Fawnskin business–drop yer money and take a bundle or box of wood…on your honor.

He has the honor system set up. The fact that people stole the firewood blew my mind–especially because the firewood is only $3 per bundle. In fact, I’ve popped over once or twice for kindling or a bundle off season before my wood has been delivered and LOVE supporting the local efforts.

I know locals who drive over from the other side for the same reason. Novelty–and we want to support him…plus it is fun!

Stealing from Pete? That is BAD,BAD, behavior.

Maybe they are homeless and need it–but I doubt it.

Short on cash? Leave an IOU…

All of us tend to share around here–but most of us ask first. That is why when my new neighbors were building and began stealing my utilities I was mortified. I would have given permission if asked–as long as they reimbursed me.

They never paid for the stolen water and electricity nor did they tell anyone when they broke my gas line.

More bad behavior–and that is theft. Theft in Fawnskin.

I’ve seen similar stuff reported from around the valley in the sheriff’s log. Geez.

Anyway, I believe these types of actions reflect some of the new mentality moving onto the mountain–or at least vacationing here. People are used to being anonymous and so don’t think anything about behaving badly. These are the types of people I want nothing to do with.

Everyone else–well, I have the keys to my other neighbor’s place and they said to go in and borrow anything I need anytime.

As for my other neighbor on the other side, we share firewood and have purchased together to get the better buy. If someone needs something–we just ask.

When I was cleaning up my yard, I noticed someone had dumped a bunch of trash on their property. I cleaned it up and raked up some pine needles.

It is neighborly.

Down the road, we all visit and sometimes get together for parties. I am not part of the wood brigade but the gang all work hard to help each other prepare for the winter.

That is neighborly.

Next, I heard from Don who lives on the main drag just West of town proper. He had a generator he wanted to get rid of. After leaving it out with a “Free” sign for ages, he gave up, chained the machine to a tree and found the chain cut and the generator gone immediately.

More theft in Fawnskin.

He thought it was funny and was glad to be rid of the thing. But I saw it as a sad statement of how the infiltration of the valley has changed some of the very reasons I moved up here.

After the yard sale here, I packed up everything and found a family in need. One of the nice items was a vintage baby changer–now before you ask, “what is she doing with a baby changer?” let me remind you that if you asked that question you are missing the point–the point is someone stole it.

Yep, stole it right from the back of the parking pad. I notice it was missing when I went up top to make a dump run so I could pack the rest up for delivery to the family.

In the past, I’ve placed items up stairs for my neighbors to pick up. This was not the case, plain and simple–it was theft.

Wow, that sucks.

How about asking if you want something? If the person asked I probably would have handed it over or if he or she would have left a note and a contribution I would have smiled–but instead they took it without permission–a thief in Fawnskin.

There has been a lot of non-Fawnskin traffic driving by lately and I believe it is someone who has been eyeing the stash. What is the technical word for that? I know there must be.

Stealing is not neighborly–which is why I want to believe it was someone driving by.

Watching, waiting, and then finally making the move…

Or maybe it was somebody who really needed a baby changer. I’d like to think that was more likely the case–but next time ask.

In the meantime, I loaded my truck and delivered to the family today. I got numerous hugs in gratitude…hopefully they won’t miss the baby changer.

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