Fawnskin’s GG Discovers the BARKery

After a hectic morning, I took part of Saturday to catch up with HM (handsome man) and eventually found myself in Big Bear Lake Village. Now I know some of you shudder that a local would venture into such a place during the weekend–and WHY I went there is another story (actually a rant) so let me just say the village is a great place to amble whether or not you have company…but there I go digressing again…

Anyway, I discovered a new business freshly opened–the BARKery. Saturday was their first day and I had not heard any murmors of the place opening. They opened despite not having received all their inventory and so they had time to chat.

The place is over in the Prince’s old location. Kathy & Mark Keedy are the owners and they have hired Fawnskin’s own Crystal (who just moved here from Virginia) to run the place.

They will have a variety of treats, toys, dog related accessories, and have plans to have raw food diets available. In fact, despite the light inventory, they were making sales and people were excited to find that they were opening.

Their two other stores are in Breckenridge, Colorado and Moab, Utah. Mark is an avid ski and snowboarding instructor and is excited about the move here. They will spend their time between all three stores–each has a manager to oversee the daily operations.

If you have time, meander over and say hello–make sure you tell them you heard about them here!

They did extensive research on locations before deciding to open their third store here in Big Bear and we look forward to having them around.

On that note, no news on JJJ Feed except that Dennis is heading back to his place in Blue Jay and will be closing up at the end of the month.

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