Interlaken Center Grid Lock

It isn’t bad enough that the businesses in the Interlaken Center over in Big Bear Lake have endured a long, long, remodeling challenge–now the problem has escalated to make sure their business is negatively impacted.

If I were queen (and unfortunately I am not–or maybe that is a good thing after all) business friendly remodeling would have taken place during the evening hours into dawn when the businesses were closed.

Now the place is a HUGE mess. The guys working on the place did not place any type of cones for traffic control while they blocked the side entry road from the banks over into the center. Cars were trapped and big vehicles and RVs were just cutting through the parking areas at random.

And DON”T talk to me about the mess on the back entry from near the Post Office and loading docks–argh!

They might have done well to open a bumper car ride and obstacle course…at least it would bring in revenue and make it a “fun” place to enter with that intention.

Anwyay, the place has been chaotic all week. I’ve been avoiding the area since the construction fencing went up but my recent visits this week (four times) were not fun and swayed me from continuing any efforts to shop in the center–which I am sure the merchants don’t appreciate.

Then there is MARTA. What possesses those drivers to block the vision of the vehicles entering and exiting the place by parking in non-parking zones on both sides of the main drag?

It has bugged me for ages but now it is beyond common sense. Cars at the signal have been backed up into the boulevard each time I have entered the area and it has been a real mess.

How about moving those large buses to non-traffic areas near the curbs surrounding the parking lot? Cart pushers might have to walk a few more steps but I’d bet they’d be safer and so would the speed racers driving into the center.

While I am ranting, what happened to going S-L-O-W when entering a parking lot?

I keep wondering how everyone is missing having accidents–same thing when the buses stop over in the Staters area–they block vision and the whole lane directly in front of the store.

Maybe the centers need to designate bus areas…having said that, I was out in Baldwin using a private road for over a month and the dang MARTA repeatedly blocked the road so I couldn’t exit. I realize they need to get off the main road but there was a turn out just past the drive. How much training do the drivers get?

No, never mind–don’t answer that–I don’t want to know.

Silly me, I forgot about the altitude deprivation–it must be a lack of oxygen thing. What the heck has happened to common sense and common courtesy?

Ya think I am a bit cranky? Must be because I am tired. Late nights don’t go well with early mornings…

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