Peace & Quiet in Fawnskin?

Okay, we arrived home Sunday night but some of you saw me sneak in and then saw me head down the hill again Monday morning. I needed to do a few errands and that pretty much meant that I didn’t get much work done.

You know it is funny how there is a whole lot to do when you get back from any vacation. Yesterday I focused on unpacking, shopping for some groceries, and then miscellaneous errands that included cleaning the carpets.

Might as well clean those carpets since the afternoon temperature over here in the afternoon was 70 degrees! What the heck is going on?

Usually by this time we are usually crisp and cool during the day. Nights have been cold but the days are too warm. Snow Valley looked pathetic–but they had their open sign up. I could also see those dots (skiers/snowboarders) up on Snow Summit.

I also made the time to water some of the garden–honestly some of the plants have new buds on them! As the Bus Stop (Running Springs) sign says, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

We stayed with a pal in North County San Diego and I was surprised how quiet it was. In fact, it was quieter than it was here this am. Some boys have come up to ski or snowboard and were staying at the infamous Prowler.

Voices carry long distances around these parts and their booming vocals woke me from sleep–wouldn’t you know it is one of the few times I was attempting to sleep in. San Diego found me up and at it between 4am and 6:30am daily and the house we were at was quieter than here. Go figure.

Anyway, I am glad to be home but now have to catch up. I am more into nesting than working. I think coming out of the boot camp into vacation was good–but I am pondering the next big project.

So, for the moment I would rather do something with the new curtains and odds n’ ends. Plus, I want to finishing cleaning the floors before the weather really turns.

Usually such big tasks, like windows, are relegated to only twice a year (April/September or October) but the dust factor this year has made it impossible to ignore the layers of dust. For some reason, running the humidifier makes the dust adhere better to many surfaces–and it is so dry outside that there is a lot of dirt.

How about you? Are you finding the same thing?

I could hire someone to clean like many people do but I’d rather put that money into something else…like investments (IR I know you are reading this). In fact, one of the reasons I purchased the on sale carpet cleaner is that it was marked down $50 bucks and cost about a third less than one carpet cleaning visit. I figure it will be used multiple times a year and so figure it was a wise buy…the carpets have to get cleaned don’t they?

Now I am not really the domestic goddess. No sir, just ask HM. Work is usually first and then home stuff. I like a clean home but efforts toward that goal come when I have a break from work or need down time. Even then I am usually listening to audio tapes of some sort while doning those mindless tasks.

It is also a good time to get on a headset and catch up with those pals I have not talked to in a while. They all know that I am usually washing dishes or cooking when we are chatting.

Anyway, in college I called similar behavior “home work avoidance behavior” and I think the term fits in this case as well.

The real perk is that in those mindless tasks good ideas come…

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