Pie, Pie, Me Oh My Do We Love Pie Here in Fawnskin!

Above: Apple Pie delivered to the Moose Lodge after I received a ton of local apples.

Did you ever see that movie with John Travolta called Michael? In it, Andie MacDowell sings this song about pies. I just saw the movie again and the song popped into my head while I was baking.

Here is the song (you have to sing it with a twang):



Me oh my

Nothing tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry

all at once o well it’s pie




an’ wet bottom.

Come to your place everyday if you’ve got em’


Me o my

I love pie

Anyway, I was given more apples and instead of juicing them I thought I would bake. So I began peeling, coring, and cutting them up.

I’ve been out of Fawnskin for a bit and part of my homing behavior is to cook or bake. Don’t ask me why–but it is tactile and doesn’t require tons of brain power and lets me listen to music or audio books while I am at it.

Since I tend to be a workaholic this is gooooood.

Anyway, then I had these pies. At least I live in Fawnskin where I can invite over neighbors or deliver them down the road. So, the first one went to the Moose Lodge.

It was a good move and it was nice to get the warm reception, too. People didn’t care so much about the pie, they have missed me and wondered where I had been. Makes me feel good.

Which leads me to the next post about Betty Conroy…

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