Are you ready? Huh? Huh?

Okay, so I went grocery shopping yesterday, cleared out the ashes today, and brought some of my work home in case I have to nestle in for the duration. The wind has picked up and we shall see if the forecast is correct: 6-12″ of snow after it rains?

Could be good…or not.

I didn’t make the community meeting last night about the flood dangers due to the aftermath of the fires but heard reports that there will be important numbers posted up at the Post Office.

A couple of days ago I hiked up Grout Creek and saw just how much topsoil (burnt, I might add) and debris was in the creek. Up by the little bridge near the horse property the debris looks like it has clogged the channel.

Today, we hiked up and up and up on that road adjacent to Brookside. Tired the dogs out–and I must say–I was huffin’ and puffin’. However, I got some great photos. Along the way we saw a ton of cut logs. It made us a bit concerned for the property owners down below.

Not sure what the property is called but it is one of those slated for development. You pick up the road off of Cedar Dell or Brookside just before the bend. Don’t you have to pull permits for cutting down trees–wait to you see the snaps–they are not small trees.

Boy, was it beautiful. I’ll have some pictures up once I get them onto the computer. In fact, since I have not had the time to blog–I have a bunch of stuff for you.

Now, I just have to find the time to get to it!

Moose Lodge
Next Wednesday is the Movie Night at the Moose Lodge at 6pm. Not sure what the movie is but there are snacks and it is a good time.

The lodge has a pool tournament going on and lots more. If you are not a member–better join. If you are, check the newsletter for all the dirt on the activities.

Just another reminder, the Christmas caroling is scheduled for the 18th at 6pm. Dress warm and meet up at the Moose Lodge by about 5:30pm. You can have a hot nip before you head out!

The Moose Lodge is also selling sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats as part of their fundraising efforts. If you have someone you need a unique gift for–drop by and buy a few.

I know I must be forgetting something else but it will have to wait…

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