Big Bear Lake During Holiday: Fawnskin Day Trip

So, it finally happened–after being in the hermitage since before Christmas–I ventured out.


My pal Lindsay drove over and once off the North Shore, we braved the back roads into Big Bear Lake to get to our first destination. We survived.

Next, heading into the village was a scary proposition but I had a package I needed to pick up and so we braved entry. To our surprise it wasn’t too bad. We even used Pine Knot Ave to visit my mechanic without a problem-and he at least had fairly good news.

Lindsay got to escape home but I stayed and meandered my way over to do some marketing and computer work at a local business. The place was supposed to be closed but some of us can’t stay away.

I like working on days others don’t since you get a whole lot more done without phone interruptions and other such disturbances. Yes, I know these things that are necessary in business but they can keep you from getting more done.

HM and I also met for lunch. We called one of the local haunts to make sure they were open. Since they close at 2pm (twenty minutes away) I asked if they would still serve us. The answer?

“Well, I have no choice if you get here by 2pm.”

Ahem. Wrong answer.

Another one bites the dust…

Did I mention we are beginning business reviews here on the Fawnskin Flyer in 2008? If you would like to participate, let me know. You will remain annonymous–other than your user name. Hopefully those of you who will choose to participate will pick clever names.
Needless to say, we went elsewhere and actually had a nice time. The staff at the Hacienda were happy to see locals and were commenting on how it was a great time for us to drop in since they have been really, really busy otherwise.

Afterwards, I dropped by Forest Farms right about closing (ten minutes) and wasn’t too happy about having to dig for some produce, but hey, I got a couple of things I need for tomorrow and there were not any large lines or heavy crowds.

Finally, I also braved the Fawnskin Post Office–closed early today but the mail goes out via the outside box anyway–at least that is what it looked like from the posted note! Ain’t it grand to live in a small town?

Now, I am safely tucked away at home and baking, once again. Looking forward to a fun New Year’s Eve spent close to home and hoping you have a great one too!

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