Bossy Birds in Fawnskin

Above: Bossy Bird who doesn’t look to thin to me!

The bad thing about understanding animals is that they tend to boss you around. In between the snow flurries, chickadees and assorted birds began showing up on my railing–demanding I put out bird food.

Due to the rodent population in close proximity (and of whom I don’t want to attract) I tend to not feed the birds except during stormy weather–and this weekend definately fell into that category.

Above: Having a snack in the break between snow flurries

The last two storms were just like spring snows–light snow that melts quickly. Wonder if that is good or bad. I like it because I don’t have to shovel as much and because the roads clear quickly.

Above: Eating with a view…

When I was a snow cat operator–yes, I was–don’t faint. Didn’t I tell you that already? The springtime was a challenge because the snow consistency was like sugar. It would cascade down the mountain and working with it was a bi**h. Little sugary pellets…

Since I didn’t get that new snow shovel yet, it is probably a good thing this is such a warm snow storm. It will also make it easier for handsome man to make the long commute over here from ALL THE WAY OVER from Erwin Lake. *snicker*

Except for that now there is several inches on the ground…more than six fell since I got back from the Moose Lodge last night–where it was happening–and where everyone filled up on that chicken fried steak.

Anyway, I filled the feeder and, except for the chickadee in the photos, the little buggers have not been back yet.

Did you ever read that squirrel negotiation article? We need one about the birds…

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