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So I took an amble into town just to get out of the house. The storm seems to be moving off and I only experienced a few drops of rain.

The McLean house is up for rent if you wanted to live in Fawnskin this might be your chance. Seems like we have more than our share of rentals these days.

The BIG news is that Amangela’s got their new sofa cover. Gone is the bright pink lounge–it is now black. Some of the guys were complaining about it seems they don’t feel like that fit into the mountain top decor.

Sorry, no snap since it someone was sitting on it.

In the meantime, I ambled over to visit Mike. He thinks I am the money magnet because everytime I enter his store, the place gets busy.

This is a phenomena that happens regularly–my pal noticed it when we would go out for a meal. We could enter any establishment, usually a calm and quiet place, and within five to ten minutes it would be packed. I thought it was our chemistry but perhaps not.

I like the idea of being a money magnet and am hoping it resumes for my business because the phone has not been bringing in new business of late–but it is the holiday season. I have heard the same complaint from a number of businesses.

Mike said to drop on by and is speculating that we should construct a redirectional hazard on the Big Bear Dam so people have to drive into Fawnskin!

Word about the other side is that it is packed. Randy and Andi are venturing over there today–brave souls. I guess it is better to go today instead of this weekend!

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