Fawnskin Gets Ready for Christmas

Fawnskin Holiday Wreath

Holidays are a mixed bag for many people. It is a time of celebration but sometimes a painful period. I love the decor that sweeps through homes and into neighborhoods, businesses, and communities…and Fawnskin is no exception.

My camera doesn’t always get the best photos at night but I took a few snaps. I find the lights warm and inviting.

Yesterday, I heard a Fawnskin Chamber of Commerce co-op ad on KBHR and so was surprised at how few of the downtown businesses actually decorated this year.

Alas, some of the snaps did not turn out but below you will find some of the decorated homes and businesses throughout town.

Happily Lit Home

Although I have not been able to participate in a couple of years, my favorite activities have included being able to shop for those who might not have a Christmas otherwise.

The Women of the Moose always get people together to go shopping and wrap presents up for Santa’s visit to Fawnskin but they also pick certain families and put presents under the tree at the lodge for delivery.

Carter Home

One year, we shopped for those who were in the long-term care area of the hospital.

A few years back I headed down South of the border to visit an orphanage.

Those are the things that make a difference and that I enjoy. Other than those activities, holiday memories are not something that stay with me and that, more often than not, have been painful.

North Shore Trading Company

At this time every year, many locals head down to the Post Office for a bit of holiday cheer. Although I still have to confirm it, this week home baked cookies and other goodies will magically appear in the lobby for all to taste. The highlight is the coffee and pie gathering at the end of the week where everyone meets to chat and snack.

Fawnskin Post Office

One of my favorite decorated homes in this area belongs to the Emigs. They go all out–and decorate early. This year they have a Grinch–but I miss the pink flamingo…or was I imagining that they had a lit flamingo in years past?

Emig Home

Here in Fawnskin we have a tradition of caroling throughout town. Usually the brave souls gather at the Moose Lodge and venture out in a chariot of some sort. Bundled up, we sing off tune to all our neighbors as we weave through the streets.

This year the forecast is for snow…brrrr.

Heller Home

I like to drive by and see Shadow and Katie’s trees lit up at night. Some how having holiday trees outside is nice. Everyone can enjoy them!

Now these girls are good (they are dogs in case you missed that before) but come to think of it, that is a good strategy for those with male dogs with a tendency to lift their legs on the holiday tree!

Parker Home

The Parker’s also do a nice job of decorating and many homes on their street decorate nicely. The two do a lot in the community. Emily has a big heart and always steps forward to help.

Fawnskin Santa Bear Thanking Fire Fighters

What I like is that everyone has a different slant on holiday decor. When I had my cabin on the other side of the lake, I had lights around my windows year ’round and baskets with pinecones that were decorated with Poinsettas during the holiday time. They always looked great in the snow!

Moose Lodge Christmas Tree

Whatever your holiday tradition is, I want to send you an early wish for a happy holiday season–have a great time.

It is hard to believe that this year is coming to a close so soon…

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