Fawnskin Locals Prepare for Next Storm & Onslaught of Holiday Visitors

Above: Fawnskin at its finest–a local snowman complete with eyebrows and spiked hair.

Wow, we went from summer weather directly into winter. Although my thermometer has not reported anything much lower than the teens, some of my pals have said they have seen temps in the negatives and single digits.

Brrr! No wonder I am burrowing under the covers more than usual. Glad to have my sleep patterns back to almost normal. I hated waking up between 3am and 5am daily–makes GG a grumpy girl.

It is cold enough for me. Yesterday, I ventured into town and drove around all afternoon and the snow still did not melt off of my truck! My heater core went, which is annoying since I only had it replaced a few years ago–but local mechanic preferences are for another poll. At least I have a good one now.

Anyway, during our walk my neighbor asked about when the visitors will arrive. I suggested she hit the grocery stores and errands early next week as the next storm is supposed to arrive on Tuesday and visitors should begin invading visting the valley beginning late Thursday and arriving in droves starting Friday on.

“So how long will they stay?”

“Usually through the New Year.”

Visitors are a mixed blessing for the locals. The stores, resorts, and restaurants look forward to it. Basically, we like them to come up and spend time and money but hate the bad behavior we have to endure. Also, we don’t like bumper to bumper traffic during that time.

Never mind the bumper car parking lot antics, blocking the streets with vehicles, and trespassing on your decks or yard–what about those full baskets at the grocery store in the express lane?

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a checker kick them out of the line or call visitors on the behavior either. Maybe all the locals should go to the managers in advance and say we will lynch the staff if they allow it this year.

Should the stores also should require a driver’s licence to anyone operating a cart? Visitors have less personal space distance and tend to run locals over with carts, bash people in line in attempts to move them along, and hog the whole aisle because they don’t care about are not aware of anyone else.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t threaten to lynch store staff to make them take action–after all we know and like most of our store staff members–but maybe you have an idea that will make them attempt to regulate bad visitor behavior. Although they probably have more to worry about…but if you have an idea, post it in the comments!

Locally, the whining has started. Last night I got an earful from someone who has been here for ages. Have you been whining over the onslaught yet?

Mixed bag, and another reason I am glad I live over here in Fawnskin and have the Fawnskin Market to support during the high visitor count. You can guaranteed that I will hunker down to avoid the majority of the mess.

We shall see what happens to Highway 18 as a result of the storm before the weekend. Temps are supposed be be in the low teens today and tomorrow and the storm is supposed to move in on Tuesday and hit Wednesday according to Ben.

While I was out yesterday I ran into Mayor Gene. I had heard he was holding his fundraising events soon and so asked him about it. He is having a cocktail party on the 22nd and a dinner with karaoke and other anctics at the Gold Pan on the 29th. Dinner will be from 5 until 7pm.

Gene said that flyers are up on the market and the Gold Pan windows–but since I have not ambled into town I have missed them. If there is anything else posted (like cost) I should have it by this weekend–or better yet–go check it out yourself.

Why, oh why, do you not just send stuff over here for me?

Finally, I was bummed to see that the valley lost not only Bob Butcher but also Len Holquin. I knew both of them from Rotary. I hate being at the age where death is a common occurrance. Bob’s service will be at Calvary Chapel on Saturday.

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