Fawnskin’s Storm Watch

Above: The new storm begins to looms on the edge of the valley.

So, I knew this storm was heading our way and so I scheduled today for a bunch of errands. Four hours and 16 miles later I arrived home. I heard horror stories about yesterday, but I went over early enough to avoid traffic and crowds…almost.

Above: Another look at this new storm front.

Wouldn’t you know my efforts to support one of the local smaller stores didn’t completely work, so I had to go back to one of the super markets for a few items. On the second visit it was a mess.

Guess people are waiting until later in the day to go into the shopping centers. So, after three stops in my search for Candy Cane Lane tea, I gave up.

Want to get on the good side of GG? Hand it over!

When I got back home I wanted to finish knocking back the ice that formed because SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless) drove onto the parking pad several times making an icy mess.


Unless you hate your company, it is best to get rid of the ice. Although my chiropractor agreed with me, I can’t wonder if he secretly likes the stuff–good for business and all.

Anyway, armed with my handy, dandy, new, steel core snow shovel, (topic for another post) I moved the nasty stuff (or most of it anyway) off to the side.

Above: The ice slick made by visitors. The grey area is actually clear ice!

I figured it would be best to get on it while the temperature was still above freezing and before the new storm comes in. When the weather stays cold after a storm, the stuff just sits there. It melts a bit in direct sun but never gets enough to make anything other than a great big ice skating rink on my parking pad.

Above: One of the nifty new signs the county left us.

Now I gotta say, locals are saying this storm is going to dump a foot or more. Ahem, this is a bunch of the same old BS this valley is known for. When I last checked (within the hour) there is a chance of a few inches. The storm will leave snow at high elevations (over 7,000) and then drop to 6,000 or so.

Yes, conditions change–but do we really need to exaggerate?

Guess it is the Big Bear way.

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