Good Mornin’, Good Mornin’, its great to stay out late…

Above: Late morning here in Fawnskin

Well, it is a good morning but not great to stay out late. I was up until about 1pm (unheard of for me) and it was hard to roll out of bed because of it. I slept in until 9am. Wow.

Uually the morning after a snowfall things are quiet but there is traffic driving around on the icy roads. I am not sure why since Highway 18 has been closed due to hazards.

As usual I have some work to do but just feel like having a snuggle day under the covers watching something mindless…like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Don’t laugh, I am hooked. Talk about a great character driven series with excellent writing and some super plot twists…

It is HM’s fault! He is the big fan and I got him the whole series for his birthday and now I won’t be content until we finish watching the whole series.

Normally I don’t watch much television and when I was down the hill my big treat was to take a day and watch independent or foreign films–and now this.

How can I ever explain?

Above: Another reason why I live here in Fawnskin.

Anyway, I am still in hermit mode. In conversations with several of my friends I have found this to be the case with many of them. Things that make you go, hmm.

People keep asking me where I have been. Still nesting but even that has lost the draw now that the carpets are clean and the new curtains are up. I am still avoiding finishing the holiday card deal–although the annual letter is done, I simply have no motivation to work on them at all.

Yesterday I burnt myself out on the rest of the training modules I needed to finish. Glad to be able to work at home and just have to take a test next week. I enjoy learning and always pick up something new. Over the last couple of years I’ve done several home study courses since it beats driving down the hill.

Above: Sigh, life is good here in Fawnskin.

Okay, so the big plan today (if I can get up the motivation) is Emily’s chicken fried steak happening tonight down at the Moose Lodge. HM and I hope to get together with some pals down there.

Speaking of which, I ran into Dennis and Kathy and was glad to hear that her daughter is well on the way to recovery. The bone marrow procedure was successful and that will be something to celebrate with them tonight. I didn’t write much about it because Kathy asked me not too.

They asked me if I was moving…

Small town and all, just to clarify, I did pack up a lot of things in my truck after the wildly successful (not) yard sale and donated them to some families across town. The rumor that I am moving from Fawnskin is not true.

However, I did get my new passport and it only took about two weeks without paying the special additional fee. The good news is that I have a contract for some animal work in Spain next year and will be going off for an adventure there–but so far that is only big plan on the books.

Can you believe it is already the 8th? Where has this year gone.

Maybe we should make snowmen today–I don’t want to shovel yet…come to think of it, maybe I’ll just crawl back into bed.

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