Historic Fawnskin Malt Shop & Current Town Musings

Above: Historic Fawnskin: Malt Shop

Just thought you might want to take a look at vintage Fawnskin. Anyone around these parts have any stories you want to share about the malt shop? I believe this post card picture is from the 1940s or so. I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of old snaps so stay tuned…

Two of my favorite businesses in town are the North Shore Trading Company and the North Shore Antiques. I don’t get over to either too much–the reason they are my favorites is that they keep with the cozy, quaint, mountain feel.

IMHO (in my humble opinion) this valley should strive more for that feel. It is homey, different, attractive, and one of the reasons many people seek escape into the mountains.

Tell that to Big Bear Lake–did you notice yet another Pharmacy sign up in the Kmart center? Are we such a bunch of sickos that we need 5 pharmacies? (Rite Aid, Walgreens/Big Bear Pharmacy, Medical Arts, CVS, and the new one.)

PM UPDATE: Nooooo, silly me. The place is a Board Shop!

Ambling around Fawnskin has been interesting this week. Tuesday some rude dudes on Navajo were playing music so loud you could hear it up on Brookside and throughout town. What ever happened to consideration for your neighbors–or should I say the whole town?

Down at the North Shore Tavern they are busy putting up a cinder block wall. This will help block the messy house behind the parcels up for sale. Great time to work–when the ground is frozen…did I really just say that?

I’ve been happily working at home but have to venture out today to see clients and do some miscellaneous work. Yesterday my walking partner said it was 10 degrees at her house when she got up. Me, I am sleeping in until about 6:30am and it was a balmy 13 degrees.

Anyway, once you are out the weather is great. The sun feels warm and is melting the snow much too quickly–except on my parking pad. I enjoy having a Southern facing place because the sun does much of the work related to snow and ice management for me…but for some reason not on the parking pad.

Imagine the ski conditions are super up at Bear Mountain Resorts. After my injury (many years ago) I was told to abandon the activity but this is the weather and conditions remain my favorites.

My favorite memory was being at the top of Silver Mountain over looking the valley and the glistening lake with the cold wind blowing on my face…

Just a heads up, I am changing the look of the Fawnskin Flyer and moving to a new host. Hoping that there aren’t any glitches but there is a slight chance the site will go down in the transfer…don’t worry–I’ll be back!

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