Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs in Fawnskin

Above: Old Bus Stop sign…do you know where it is?

This last week I have suddenly been aware of all the signs around these parts. I have to get out and take more snaps but thought you might like to see some of them. I enjoy my ambles in the morning and yesterday it turned out that it was the only thing I really enjoyed.

Isn’t it funny how just a couple of small things can get under your skin and irritate you?

Back to the hermitage where it is safe!

Above: We’ve been seeing a lot of bear scat on the main roads and I never noticed this sign before!

Speaking of sh**, every day we have come across a ton of poop. In this case, bear scat. (Technical term there, are you impressed?) We, or should I say Andi, carry bags to clean up after the dogs. (Shadow seldom poops off of her property.)

The problem people forget about (or don’t know) is that the wildlife is susceptable to disease passed via poop. Raccoons, bears, coyotes, and other animals have come down with diseases because people let their dogs roam freely to poop at will–and people don’t worry about it.

Sometimes, they simply don’t care. I remember when I lived over in Erwin Lake next to the forest. One night my exterior light came on, motion triggered it, and when I stepped out onto the deck looking over the acre plus property, I spied a guy letting his dog poop there. No bags, no clean up material.

His reply to my question, What are you doing?

“I thought this was forest property…”

Yeah, right. Good excuse. Clean it up anyway.

How did I get on that rant? Never mind. Still early, still GG the Grumpy Girl.

Above: So, just how many visitors are going to adhere to the rules next week?

On a totally different subject…

Mayor Gene’s Italian dinner at the Gold Pan is $50 per person. The party will go on all night until closing–whatever that means. If you want to party, the Gold Pan is exceptional for that. I think that have the coolest bar around. If you have not seen it, drop by.

HM is supposed to come over to visit today so I better get more work done…but I want to walk.

Oh yeah, and shovel the parking pad.

Yesterday, when I arrived to pick up my canine walking buddy, I found Shadow with a fancy jingle bell collar. She actually pranced on our walk with it on. Cute.

We dropped by to get her pals to go over to the park and romp. She loves her Auntie GG. I love her. When things even out again it is going to be time to get another dog pal. In the meantime, I love up every furry non-human critter I can get my hands on.

Three of the dogs I know are wearing these jingle bell collars. I wonder how crazy it ends up making you at the end of the day…

Oh! I forgot to tell you. A flood of people came over to the Fawnskin Flyer today to read the Squirrel Negotiation article. I am hoping for some comments…did you leave one?

One final note, tonight’s dinner is chicken fricassee at the Moose Lodge. Come on down, ya hear?

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