Sleepless in Fawnskin

Above: Where are the sheep when you can’t sleep around these parts? Photo courtesy of Ian Britton.

Wow, it has been ages since I have not been able to sleep. For some reason I woke up at about 2am and then could not get back to sleep. Now, I feel like cr** and have to pretend to be functional.

Am I up for holiday pie, coffee, and socializing down at the Fawnskin Post Office at 9am? Not sure but I will probably go. I am supposed to get my truck into the mechanic this am but the roads are nice and icy due to the wind and light dusting of snain (HM’s term for snow and rain) last night.

My mechanic wanted to wait until Wednesday anyway, so maybe I will call and check first before heading over that way. I have all I need to hunker down until after the holiday and am still being a hermit–even though my walks with Shadow and Midnight do get me out and make me happy.

Dogs are great examples of how to live life to the fullest–they are so joyful out on our walks. Yesterday, Midnight could not go with us and it was sad, we walked up to the slider and he didn’t even get up off his bed!

However, I grabbed Shadow later in the day and we met Midnight and Sundance in the park–they all had a great romp.

Anyway, back to my rambling…

In years past, I’ve been the social holiday animal but not this year. It is back to the hermitage for me. I brought some additional work home yesterday and enjoy just being home.

The consultant I’ve been talking to about the Fawnskin Flyer didn’t give me very positive feedback yesterday and that bugged me. However, I am looking at all my projects and the viability of what they contribute in the long run and that is his job.

Bascially, he said keep it as a hobby…and don’t expect anything more.

I am stubborn (no joke cracking, most of you already know that) and I am paying him to be frank–but I disagree. There are some new directions I want to try since it is taking so much of my time.

Since the online issue launched with 33 readers online, word of mouth has taken the Fawnskin Flyer to a fluctuating readership with a low of 1800 plus monthly readers to a peak of 5700. He says I need 500 per day to make it a something worth doing in the long run–even with the changes I plan.

So, do me a favor and tell all your friends, family, and enemies about it. I am going to do some marketing also. But what I really need is for you to leave a comment and let me know what you like the best about the flyer and what you want to see over the next year.

More of my readership is outside of Fawnskin–so let me know why you keep coming back.

We are working on the new look and you should see it within days.

For my pal who emailed about making tamales, it is actually a two day process. I no longer have the family recipe (we all adlib anyway) but if you are interested in instructions in how to make tamales click here or you can check out this tamale recipe, too.

We always made 12 dozen because they are so much work and mixed it up between pork, chicken, beef, and sweet tamales. I’ll have to ask my family if anyone has the recipes hidden somewhere. I always wanted to do a family cookbook but nobody seems to remember how to do things the same…another family tradition.

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