Tamales & New Traditions

Tamales in Fawnskin

Old traditions passed on–tamales!

Yesterday, I headed over to the Johnson’s to help them make tamales. You might not know that tamales are an old English tradition (just kidding) and those making comments about it were ignored–after all friendship and countries no longer have the borders they did before.

Anyway, it has been ages since I have made tamales but I was game. After an international lunch, eaten while we waited for the corn husks to finish soaking, we began.

Betsy the tamale maker

Betsy is quit the good tamale maker (and horse gal) and managed to make the “grandfather of all tamales” which HM chomped down while making happy noises.

I showed up early because I knew that they would take longer than anticipated. The corn husks alone took forever to become pliable but we soon launched into our tamale making frenzy.

The tamale queens of Big Bear!

Lindsay is gonna get me for posting this, but I thought it was a great mother daughter shot.

We were so engrossed in the process that I really didn’t take many pictures. Everyone has their own way of doing things and slowly some of the nuances came back to me.

Tamale dinner in Big Bear


We let the tamales steam for hours and finally were able to enjoy our reward along with a fabulous side dish. It was obvious everyone enjoyed the fare because happy noises were heard around the table as everyone ate.

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