The Mountain Folks Quest for Cheap Holiday Entertainment

So, I forgot to tell you that the old North Shore Tavern was hopping last night. Looked like they were having a private party. Since things have been so calm and quiet over here, one of the Snoop Sisters suggested venturing out…and so we took the trusty news van vehicle and headed out.

We decided to take in some nourishment along the way, to help us prepare for our serious reporting, and so we stopped in at the Bus Stop. Terri was not there and when Snoopy found the pickle–nobody responded.

The Bus Stop personnel already had goodies in their stockings!

Ahem, when serious reporters from a well know gossip news rag come to your establishment the rule is that you should pay attention to them and at least give the one gal the treat promised for finding the hidden treasure!

Alas, it did not matter in the long run as the meals were fabulous and we soon hit the road for more adventures….which happened to involve lunatic, flatlander drivers.

They decide to stop and swerve without warning. They also like to turn perpendicular to the main traffic in order to stop anyone else from getting to their destinations in any timely manner.

This year, the pristine and off-limits eagle habitat has been filled with trespassers visitors crawling all over the hills because they want to have some fun in the snow and don’t want to pay to enjoy themselves…never mind the eagles.

Bad behavior in eagle habitat in Fawnskin

As an adjunct, they also are having a blast blocking the road and parking directly under those unclear, ambiguous signs that say “No Parking.”

“No Parking” signs should be more specific

Fortunately for us, we got to see live activity of forestry personnel, California Highway Patrol, and other enforcement personnel in action.

Hiking to the next bunch of flatland cars

Usually the amusement comes from watching people scamper down the hills like ants–but this year they didn’t seem to give a darn.

So, we turned our attention to who is in the porta potties. Nice of the county to place those alongside the roadway for the visitors to use so that the local business people don’t have stories to tell about the abuse of their bathrooms.

Still, we we fortunate to see one guy that looked like he pooped his pants, and another peeing off the side of road without even trying to be modest about it. Let us just say, we couldn’t see a thing.

We didn’t get to see anyone throwing up their lunch as the traffic was too slow–better luck next time.

Traffic was not moving fast enough for people to get car sick

Ah yes, we could have been home snuggled up reading a book, napping or some other such activity but we just couldn’t resist.

We did have fun and really didn’t hit much traffic as we went against the main flow. We stopped by Sky Forest where all the merchants were happy to see us. It seems that they and Top Town (Crestline) have been very slow.

Shocking for this time of year. Please stop by and purchase goodies when you head that way. We also saw more of the fire damage–very sad.

Finally, after a whole day of snooping, our suggestion to you? Stay home and enjoy yourself until it is safe to go out after the flatlanders head home!

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