The Scoop on All Mountain Feed & Pet

Geez, there has been a ton of rumors going around about the feed and pet stores in this area. I remember when there was only a nasty little pet shop and one feed store up here.

I tend to work with everyone and so know most of the animal people on the mountain. Today we are bustling with a number of animal bussinesses, even the veterinary offices sell pet supplies.

Anyway, I quit going into JJJ Feed shortly after the last owner took it over and then had to listen to my clients and neighbors complain about things over there. No more. The guy is gone (although there are rumors of a partnership with another place up here) and Gene and Betty are back.

The place has now reopened as All Mountain Feed & Pet. I stopped by to say hello and give the two a hug and to see what is up. They are still moving in but they are open.

Friends and workers are there slaving to get product marked and up on the shelves and many old customers are coming in to shop despite the bustling activity.

I heard many happy comments. Personally, I am happy too. Gene thinks I am spying on them because I date the competition’s manager but I have better things to do.

So, my question is: Can you name all the pet and animal places up here? I count seven to eight depending on if you separate the VCA shop from the veterinary clinic.

On another note, I got the actual number of primary households in the area…I forget the exact number but it is over 9,527 (up to Onyx Summit). Isn’t that interesting?

AND if we are close to the national average, 63% of the households have pets!

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