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House Fly

Yuck! Although I know that each animal and insect is a vital part of the web of life, I still don’t like invasions. Over the past year I’ve heard neighbors complain about ants. I don’t mind ants but I do mind flies, and yesterday this house got invaded by flies.

These nasty little creatures seem to be coming from the crawl space above my living quarters. The same crawl space that you might remember from those mice parties in the middle of night–they sounded like elephants running back and forth.

Nothing like vectors–disease carrying critters that decide to live the high life in a better enviroment than the great outdoors.

So why is my house suddenly so popular this year?

At first I couldn’t find how they were getting in. Earlier in the year, during warm weather, they somehow got into the utility room. That was not too bad, I just hung a fly strip up and voila! Gone.

Then it looked like they were getting in through the fan in the bathroom, I temporarily kept the door closed to keep those suckers confined until we installed a small grate screen–since it ended the problem we thought it was handled.

No such luck…and did I mention the clean up is a pain?

Flies are messy and they really bug me. (Okay, okay, it is a pun…) What I can’t figure out is why they are so prolific in the cold weather. At least they are sluggish and it is easy to smash them.

But then you have to have a good fly swatter. I have a fly swatter–it was a gift and is cute but it doesn’t work too well. However, I did find a new way to smash them with it–but I hate cleaning up insect body fluids on the windows.

Am I grossing you out enough yet? Image how I feel!

Although I am sure flies are facinating to entomologists, I am not an entomologist. Can you believe there is actually a branch of that speciality called forensic entomology?

Fly control is actually big business but we don’t really have any specialists up here in the woods, after all, insects are supposed to live in the wilderness–but my cabin does not count as a wild place–just ask my neighbors.

So, speaking of the web of life…the arachnids were moving in prior to the fly invasion. I thought they were coming in from out of the cold. How did they know an fly invasion was imminent?

Oh yeah, they are predators.

Now I know that insects comprise most of the living species in the world, with more being discovered every day, but in Entomology 101 (seriously, it is a real course) it is estimated that only 1 million are named–out of somewhere between 2-10 million.

Get the feeling you are a minority? I GET the feeling I am a minority in my house at the moment….

Speaking of minorities and moving on to another topic, HM decided to venture over into the market yesterday. What a mistake.

Although the staff recognized him as a local and so helped him on his way sooner rather than later, HM said that the shelves were pretty empty, that there were no carts available, AND that he waited in line at Vons for over 25 minutes.

Guess he won’t have another craving again anytime soon. He wanted bread and they had 3 loaves total. Here in my pantry, I did pretty well with my shopping–getting a little light as far as produce which HM has graciously sorted out–but otherwise we are doing well.

The local secret? Go early to shop if you need something. I say it is better to fight the boxes and stocking efforts of the employees versus enduring the onslaught of visitors.

HM was supposed to have the day off yesterday but ended up working and reports that people are still arriving! One visitor told him it took them over an hour to drive up from Running Springs.

Finally, I just have to say that I can’t believe this is the end of 2007. Tonight there will be the torch light parade down Snow Summit and we have a couple of invites to go out–but I am not sure I want to venture out into the wilds of the visitor traffic. If you head out, be careful and have a great night!

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