What is your holiday tradition?

Above: Holiday Tree at the Bus Stop in Running Springs

When I was little, the holidays consisted of getting together with my whole family. This got out of hand because as good Mexican-Americans, the family got quite large. My big cousins, Lefty or Eddie, would dress as Santa and hand out presents, we all played and had a good time.

The adults, well they were real party animals at one time. Then as they got older, things calmed down. I’ve seen some wild video footage from the past at my Aunt’s home. Drinking and dancing…

Other than that I don’t remember much except making tamales. Because one of the family businesses included a take out Mexican food place, I seldom make chili rellenos or tamales–because I always had to help make them as a kid.

Back then (shut up, yes I am older…but at least I didn’t say “the olden days”) we didn’t have prepackaged things. We had to clean and soak the corn husks, make the masa for the tamales, or separate the eggs and gut the chilis–and then whip the eggs for the rellenos.

This is the reason I order such items when I go out for Mexican food. I just don’t want to labor over that stuff any more.

Anyway, different families have different traditions…

Above: The mini-tree at the Bus Stop in Running Springs

Terri in Running Springs has two beautiful trees. The large one is decorated with lots of ornaments–and food decor. The other mini tree reminds me of a Victorian tree.

During my last visit, she said her tradition growing up was that the lucky child that found the pickle in the Christmas tree got a special treat or gift…and she challenged me to find it.

Above: The hidden pickle–took me ages to find it

Find it I did–and I got my treat…

She said it is a German tradition. (Sorry the picture is blurry but that is the only one I have.)

My pal from South Africa enjoys Christmas crackers. Not snacks, they are little cylanders that are gaily wrapped and are usually found on the holiday table before the meal. When you open them, they make a crackling noise and out pops tiny trinkets.

I like that too.

The Fawnskin tradition of Christmas Caroling is tonight. Meet down at the Moose Lodge 2085 about 5:30pm if you want to participate. Something is seriously crazy about Fawnskin folk. We go out in the freezing weather to sing off key. Go figure.

All these things appeal to the kid in me. So, I have to ask–what favorite story of activities or traditions did you have? Please comment below.

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