Where or where can that GG be…on tv and radio!

Some of you know my true identity and may have heard me on the news today regarding the tiger attack. Honestly, my phone started ringing at 4:30am and I just finished comments on Nancy Grace (CNN Headline News).

The good thing about all this is the coverage is that it is good for the “brand” and all–but the bad thing is that I got absolutely nothing done on my project pile.

But the real underlying problem is that I have not slept much in two days and was pretty punchy by this afternoon. I lucked out and had a break when the phone quit ringing for a whole half-an-hour!

Now, some of you know that around these parts many of us hit the hay at about 9pm. I can’t remember the last time I stayed out really late until Christmas Eve when I actually arrived back home at 2am Christmas morning, and yes, I was up by 7:30am–slept in again. HA!

I need more sleep than that.


But since it was Christmas, HM and I joined other Fawnskin Moose Lodge members for the annual community member Christmas Feast. Once again Wayne, Emily, Cheryl, Robert, Jennifer–and a whole lot more members–contributed to a bountiful, and tasty feast.

Sorry, I was not good GG–no snaps.

If that was not enough, we then headed over to our pals place where we enjoyed ourselves but should have headed home earlier. When I got home it was really late and of course Good Morning America had called.

Why is it that some people or agencies only call when you are not available? This was the case with GMA once again. The good thing is that it made me look up the incident so that I was prepped for the onslaught today. The bad thing is that I didn’t get to bed until about 1am and then got a call from the first major news station at 4:30am.

Whine, whine, whine.

Really, whining aside, it was a great day and hopefully I’ll will reap great benefits for the future– and who said nothing ever happens around Fawnskin? It is a virtual mecca for the media!

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