Fawnskin Musings: 2+2+2=Ouch!

Fawnskin Cabin

So, after waking up to the stunning sight in the morning, I soon found myself facing the harsh reality–that it also meant that I’d have to dig out.

Now you are probably saying, “What is the big deal?” In most cases, I might agree with you except for the fact that I have three decks, 44 stairs, and a large parking pad that fits one boat and four cars. As I’ve aged, this has become harder BUT the real problem is the $#@* novice snow plow drivers.

Snow Plow Anger

I say drivers because any self-respecting operator doesn’t berm in old ladies, the disabled, or full-time residents…especially when most of the street has empty homes where it wouldn’t matter if the drives are filled with snow.

The good thing about a snow fall is that you get to catch up with your neighbors. In the past, we all would help each other. Today, we chat in between breaking up the berms and breaking a sweat.

So, my neighbor and I debated the problem yesterday as we broke down the four foot high ice berms. He happens to be a heavy equipment operator, I happen to be someone who was a snow cat operator who happened to also train new operators. Dave said that when he spoke to one of the operators recently, the guy didn’t even know what the wing was.

For those of you who don’t know, the wing is this nifty apparatus on each end of the blade that allows you to move snow more adeptly. So you can move the snow further to either side, or close the wing(s) when you want to leave less. Doing that allows you to push more snow and then dump it in a more advantageous place.

Now snow shoveling is an art, one that requires the right tools and sense…but I’ll get to that later. (In fact, I think I wrote about the nuances of some of my theories on this not too long ago.)

Oy veh! Sense…something needed to make sure the streets around the triangle area get plowed. At the moment they don’t…leaving a big wet, icy mess for both vehicles and pedestrians to navigate…in years past, some of this laziness has resulted in the flooding of local businesses and residences. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy they plow the main roads–it just sucks when they make a mess on your road–or berm you in.

Anyway, after two hours of shoveling–I took a break and went to go get Shadow. Dogs know instinctively what to do in the snow–romp!

Dog Snow Play

We saw Andi shoveling her walkway and so invited Midnight and her to join us on an amble down to the Post Office. In the meantime, Sundance, Midnight, and Shadow wasted no time in joyfully romping through the snow. Grout Creek was running heavily but up the creek most of it is iced over.

Grout Creek

Since I wanted to take some snaps of the new fallen snow, Andi and I parted company at the Fawnskin Post Office. Shadow and I trudged through shin high to knee deep snow, and after two hours plus–I felt it. Normally I might be okay but an accident from many years ago left parts of my body a little weaker and combined with another two hours of shoveling snow and breaking down berms–six hours was too much.

But I have to say, the sights on the hike were breathtaking and so Shadow and I just had to keep going–we managed to arrive back home but one of my neighbors exclaimed, “I didn’t know that was you–how come you are walking so funny?”

Translation…”You are hobbling like a disabled person, what the heck is wrong with you?” *sigh*

Shadow on the Snow Road

In these parts, not all the roads get plowed right away. The priority is to do the main highways, then the main roads, and finally those that don’t have much traffic. We ventured onto one of the less traveled roads and hit the bridge that goes over Grout Creek. Stunning…what can I say? However going up and down in knee deep snow leaves you a bit tired. Guess I should have picked up some snow shoes.

North Shore Tavern

Finally, the good thing about ambling through town is that you pick up the latest gossip news. For those of you who were wondering, the North Shore Tavern was supposed to reopen after the first of the year. Remember I got the scoop on the brewery? Well, it seems that (even though the “For Lease” sign is still up) the place is going to open for business.

I heard about it again from two sources yesterday, one who says she is supposed to be the bartender. So, guesstimates? February 2008.

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7 Responses to “Fawnskin Musings: 2+2+2=Ouch!

  • 1
    Shadow's Mom
    January 8th, 2008 19:22

    You are the best auntie in the world!! A two hour hike? Plus shoveling? You’re going to be sore tomorrow!!! But Shadow loves you to death!!! She loves romping in the snow. Thank you so much! The picutres are beautiful!

  • 2
    January 9th, 2008 08:29

    Gorgeous photos!! New site format is really nice too.

    The snow plow operators in Moonridge berm us in all the time and we’re full-timers. Is there someone we can call about this? We have more stairs than you do, so surely feel your pain!

  • 3
    Dennis Ruppert
    January 9th, 2008 11:31

    Great pictures….wish I was there.

  • 4
    Chau Randall
    January 9th, 2008 13:11

    Beautiful pictures. I wish I was there, too. I like to read your blog to keep up with what’s going on in Fawnskin. Thanks.

  • 5
    Binary Blonde
    January 10th, 2008 12:36

    Yes, I agree with the other comments. Those photos are just gorgeous! Snow is pretty to look at… from afar. 😉

    From the sound of it, you got a great workout! I’m not sure whether to be jealous or not. Teehee!

  • 6
    January 12th, 2008 14:33

    Thanks for mentioning us in your flyer. We are back for a few weeks or more to “spruce” up our interior prior to placing on market later this year.

    You’re invited to drop by, inspect our handiwork and have a glass of wine sometime.

  • 7
    February 1st, 2008 07:38

    Thanks for all your comments…sorry for not responding earlier.
    @Shadow’s Mom: Have not been too energetic and have been laying low for a few days. I have to go all_the_way_into_town today but hope to see you guys this weekend.
    @MB: I addressed your issue in one of the posts. The contact numbers are listed but since you are in Big Bear Lake, start there.
    @Dennis: Thanks for reading–say hi to Andi for me!
    @Chau: Thanks for keeping up with things…feel free to share any info you have!
    @BB: Glad you keep stopping by. I read your blog in my RSS…
    @Ron & Pia: I keep going by but have not seen you. Hope to catch up with you soon.