Fawnskin Mayor Race: Winner, Whiners, & Controversy

Fawnskin Mayor Race: Are Quarter Votes Obsolete?

The mayoral race in Fawnskin is not your usual boring, ho-hum, type of event. The race is a down and dirty “buy your politician” and make no bones about it race—because it is fund raising campaign.

Other campaigns in places around the nation have been filled with scandal. I’ve heard of nasty Republican candidates and Democrats alike who have been victims of their own impropriety. Some have been forced to take drug tests and at least one was under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We never have those types of scandals here in Fawnskin, because it is considered a plus if you are a partier—because you know more people and can coerce convince them to toss in their quarters (votes) as they belly up the bar, or counter, as the case may be.

Jail time is not a good thing–but hey, if you can raise the money you are in! Better yet, you can even buy your own votes.

AND, you don’t have to be registered to vote in the area—living here is not a requirement to cast your ballot—just cough up the dough.

Yep, the Fawnskin race has not been without scandal but it pales in comparison to other races, but like everything around here, it doesn’t mean the race is without controversy.

The 2008 Honorary Mayor of Fawnskin is (drum roll please) candidate Gene Cyr.

The good news is that between the three candidates (Betty Conroy, Cynthia Crane, and Gene Cyr) somewhere in the ballpark of $9,200 dollars was raised—a new record!

…and a record that has some of the local residents hot under the collar.

Granted, nobody is mad about who is the Honorary Mayor of Fawnskin, rather some residents are pretty fed up with how the race has gotten out of hand. Now, they say, it seems to be all about the money.

Among the complaints shared in town last night:

“It used to be fun.”

“I believe in the history of the race, winners could only serve one term…”

“Its disgusting, now it has become all about the money…”

Errr, maybe I am mistaken, but hasn’t the Fawnskin Mayor Race always been about the money? The rules of the race are that the candidate who raises the most funds, wins.

What has changed is the amount of money…and the rules apparently.

Anyone remember when two non-residents (radio show hosts) were allowed to serve as deputy co-mayors? It used to be that you had to be residents or business owners in Fawnskin to run. Cyr will be serving a second term in 2008–something speculated to be a first for this race.

Initially, several hundred dollars was considered a windfall. Today, if you don’t raise thousands—you don’t rate.

In fact, no matter how much you raise, expect to be handed a bill for next year’s membership in the NSIA.

Geez, how is that for thanks for all your efforts?

Candidates join the race to have fun and raise money for community needs, needs that are administered through the North Shore Improvement Association (NSIA)—a Fawnskin based home owners group whose board members are volunteers.

Two past candidates, one from 2006 and one from 2007, are rumored to have experienced poor treatment from representatives of the board. In response, those candidates made decisions–one decided he would not run again, and the other withdrew from the race completely—but not before she turned in the dough (along with a letter of resignation).

The bottom line here is that all the candidates work hard to raise the funds for the community. They do it in good faith and we thank them for running.

Perhaps now we just need another type of race not run by the NSIA…how about a Fawnskin King & Queen? They can reign over the non-controversial Fawnskin Festival.*

Heh, heh, heh.

The best thing about doing that is that we can have a court position for anyone that doesn’t win–as a consolation.

Just leave out the money part…let’s just crown ‘em.

*In case you are a new reader there IS controversy surrounding the Fawnskin Festival and Fawn Park.

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