Dogs of Fawnskin & Snow Plow Stuff

Road Clean Up Via Snow Plow

Above: Hmm, clean up near the Triangle in Fawnskin…did I bit** enough?

So, I finally heard back from CalTrans yesterday–they didn’t want me to publish the information they did give me and I found it interesting that the info wasn’t anything confidential. But hey, it was not on their website and maybe they want to keep it secret! I did manage to get a email address for the person who oversees the tire chin installer program but haven’t heard back.

Let me just say that it costs a pretty penny (lots of ’em) to be sanctioned by them for tire chain installation. They also have a class to certify those people.

Closer Look at Snow Plow

Above: Upon closer look, I know the operator–he lives in Fawnskin!

It is probably just a coincidence that the snow plow was in town cleaning up–and so doesn’t have anything to do with my bit**ing about the shape of some of the roads in town. However, I’d like to think the Flyer had something to do with it!

Anyway, I managed to get a few snaps of the snow plow here in town cleaning up some of the mess around the roads. I didn’t see too much around down at the Triangle when I walked by but the snaps were taken on the lower part of Rim of the World Drive.

Davinci in Fawnskin!

DaVinci is visiting Shadow this weekend–*Gasp!*

I forgot that Shadow invited a guest to stay with her. (Shadow is my hiking buddy and a stropping canine of about 88 pounds.) I was shocked that her mom would let her girl sleep with this handsome fellow! Of course, I couldn’t leave him behind so he joined us on a short amble. He was okay once he got in trouble a couple of times.

I love animals but purebreds often have too many genetic problems they inherit. This guy has the hyper temperament and a gait that tells me he may end up with hip dysplasia–but he is really handsome and sweet. The picture shows his goofy side because he wanted to go out AGAIN!

Sheera:Deliquent of Fawnskin

Above: Sheera

I do have some of the dogs of Fawnskin out in cyberspace. Keep watching because there will be more. Sheera is a dog of Fawnskin. Remember the puppy therapy I had a few years ago? She is one of those puppies.

Sheera is being naughty.

She belongs to Adrian over on Chicksaw but has been over at Dog Man’s house on the corner of Mohawk and Chickasaw. Now don’t get confused…

Chickasaw in Fawnskin

Here is the sign on the corner where Dog Man lives and that is where Sheera is running amuk. She has been growling and barking–even at me. In fact, she came over to Old Miller School House and charged me. So, as usual, I told her to “knock it off” and asked her, “do you want some puppy butt kicking?”

Her answer must have been “no” because she ceased to maintain eye-contact and headed back to Dog Man’s house. Usually, all you have to do is tell the local critters to “knock it off” and “git home” to rectify the situation. Sheera is Shadow’s sister but one day last week she showed her teeth at her and REALLY got in trouble from me.

She is hanging out with delinquents and is getting possessive of the corner. Following the example of her elders (including her mom) she thinks the behavior is okay.

Chicksaw in Fawnskin

So now for cheap amusement, up above you will see the sign over by Sheera’s home…uhh, anyone confused around these parts? It is the SAME street. So, my question is–what is the REAL name of the Fawnskin road, Chicksaw or Chickasaw? I hope they leave it the way it is because it is just a nice little testament to the way things are around these parts…and we need something to amuse us.

Shasta: Dog of Fawnskin

Above: Shasta

Yesterday we had doggie drama here in Fawnskin. Shasta and Geronimo (who belong to Frank) have been escaping…

Frank spends a lot of time driving around looking for them…in his blue blazer (in case you are wondering).

…Anyway, when DaVinci, Shadow, and I were heading back to Shadow’s place–I spotted Shasta.

It was not good. At first I thought she was injured.

Upon closer inspection I could see her paw was hooked under her choke chain and that it was was stuck. This is a risky, risky thing. Shasta was confused and is mistrustful.

Although she is also Shadow’s sister, and I have known her since she was born, Shasta has not had the same socialization that Shadow had once she went to her new home…so she doesn’t let many people near her. This is why mutt manners and canine college are vital for pups…

I absolutely HATE choke chains for a variety of reasons. In this case, the collar is too loose. But the problem here is that these collars are not meant to be left on dogs that are not on a leash or that are left unattended. It is not locked–meaning it can tighten down so it can choke and kill her.

Did you hear me? It can choke and kill a dog–if you have a pet in a choke chain, go replace it with a regular flat collar. The flat collar should fit snuggly–meaning you should only be able to insert one or two fingers under it for a good fit.

Shasta’s choke chain is a problem because it can get caught on anything–or even with a toenail or tooth of another dog she is playing with!

Shasta would not let me get near her but I did get her to come to my calls and so she followed me back to her house. I entered the yard and got her in it. Then I took the risk of approaching her.

She was still very nervous and fearful but let me remove her paw. Frank appeared at this point and I urged him to rectify the collar situation before he drove off to find Geronimo.

And I got Frank’s number for the next time I see the doggie deliquents running through town.

Okay, I have to go pack now. HM and I are leaving town! I should be back on Monday so be sure and keep me posted on the activities here so when I come back I can give you the scoop!

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One Response to “Dogs of Fawnskin & Snow Plow Stuff

  • 1
    Shadow's Mom
    January 12th, 2008 19:41

    Poor Shasta! I’ll bet she was scared! That is an awful situation to be in! When I got home on Sat., Frank was looking for his dogs again. Shasta still had the choke chain on. Thanks for taking Shadow and Divinci on a walk. You are a brave, brave woman!