Fawnskin Storm Watch & Those Trashy Visitors

Big Bear Lake evening before a storm.Another storm is on the way and if all goes as planned, we will have wet weather here in Fawnskin through Sunday. Some people keep an eye on Ben’s Weather, while others use their intuitive sense—like last week when no storms were predicted—all my pals said, “It feels like snow.” They were right. (Sorry about the missing Fawnskin Weather Feed–having problems getting that into this new configuration.)

Last night things looked great over the lake but this morning the sky is grey and what ever is on its way is looming over the horizon. Hopefully we will get some more snow and/or rain. At the moment it is too hot and that means rain, but the temperature might drop and we will have snow again…which I am ready for now since HM got me that nice steel core shovel for Christmas.

Wonder if I need to be less of a mountain gal to get some less practical gifts…

Howard’s blazer before a stormAnyway, my storm watch involves keeping an eye out for my neighbor’s activities. If he moves his vehicle off the hilly driveway, down to the road juncture, I can be sure a storm is coming. He doesn’t like to shovel the place since he is an older gentleman and is always up on the weather, current events, and other such things.

Also, I know when a storm is on the way when I hear the wind kick up on my deck. There is a certain sound and direction that alerts me to the weather change. I have to re-string my chimes (I bring one in for the winter) as they alert me, too.

Yesterday I mistakenly thought it was safe to venture into town. I had an appointment and always try to group all my errands together. People tease locals about complaining about commutes across town but it takes 15-20 minutes to get over there without much traffic.

If you happen to be like me, and lived here prior to all the traffic lights and boulevard expansion, you know what I mean. It never used to be so complicated nor did it take so dang long.

Are you watching your fuel usage? I find it funny how everyone else is complaining about the price of gas when we always pay a premium up here. We are way ahead of the pricing curve.

So, since I was already over on the South shore I thought I might take part of the day and catch a movie but my goals were soon thwarted by the massive traffic bottlenecks and full parking lots at many of the business centers. I wasn’t sure if it was the locals finally venturing out into the world to restock their pantries for the storms or if all the mess was due to visitors who refused to leave.

Someone told me there was bumper to bumper traffic in both directions to get on and off the mountain. The bad thing about the storm is that the fire damage means that the main access road, Highway 18, will probably close again for safety reasons.

My pantry is doing pretty well but I stopped by Sol Food Market for a few items and then headed over to East Side Book Café for a latte and to do some brainless work—like catch up with those 400 emails in my public box.

BTW: Since I moved the Fawnskin Flyer, I have over 700 pages to edit in my spare time! I am happy to say that a few merchants are advertising and I hope you will mention you saw their ads here. Better yet, go and patronize their businesses and then tell them! Also, if you find a broken link, drop me a comment so I can fix it.

Big Bear Recycle CenterOne of the things we locals hate about the aftermath of a busy holiday week or snow play weekend is the trash left by the visitors. No, I did not say trashy visitors, but I got an earful last night from one local who has the misfortune of having renters next door.

Do you know that Big Bear Lake allows 5 people per bedroom in private rentals? Geezuhs!

The people were playing in her yard because there was snow. Never mind the breech in privacy, how about that liability if they slip and fall? If that wasn’t bad enough, they were meandering down the street with flashlights at night and getting the neighborhood dogs all amped up.

ALL our Big Bear dogs know that if something is heading down the street much after dark—there is something wrong.

I told her to caution the visitors about walking after dark–to be careful because of the bears—and oh yeah, that mountain lion has been creeping around the area.

Heh, heh, heh. Tourist snacks for the wildlife…not really, just a strategy to restore peace and quiet to the neighborhood after dark. Guess I better ask for forgiveness for suggesting such storytelling.

Over here the big problem this holiday has been the invasion into the eagle habitat. People really don’t think the signs pertain to them. Not only do they park haphazardly on the road, but they also tear up the terrain and leaver their trash everywhere.

Last week I actually hiked out with a broken sled that someone left in the middle of the woods. In addition to leaving cr** all over the place, they like to use our trash cans, yards roadways, and forest paths.

One of the locals offered their trash cans after the visitors asked where to leave their garbage. He’d rather have it taken away then let the coyotes and bear spread it all over the road and neighborhood.

Big Bear Visitor TrashMe, I just packed some of it into the back of my truck and hauled it out with the rest of the garbage. My neighbor down the road went out one morning and had no room to dump her own trash—someone had a party and left her with the nasty stuff.

Trash is a big problem around these parts because flatlanders don’t get that we do not have the same services they have and for some reason, the rental agencies don’t advise them to pack it out of here—and they certainly don’t check the properties after the renters leave.

IMHO the rental agencies need to raise their rates so they can do that as a courtesy for the locals who put up with the stuff.

Well, I had another article that I was going to work on today but guess you’ll just have to live with this commentary instead!

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