Git Yer Name Up in Lights!

Eat at the Moose Lodge!

Fawnskin was hopping last night! There must have been at least eight people at Moose Lodge 2085 when I ambled down shortly after 5:00pm. Loni and Kim were serving lasagna and since I didn’t want to cook–and didn’t know where HM was–it was the perfect deal.

What was not good was the status of my hillside on my way down. After the neighbor tore it up several years ago, it still has not recovered. It did start to support plant life again when the same neighbor dragged pallets of heavy cinder block through this property–tearing it up again. What a considerate guy…

My point is that the ground was saturated and was truly a slippery slope. Compromised–to say the least. I actually slide down about 1/4 of the way. That made me wonder about the burn areas above us and above Highway 18.

So based on that experience, I am really glad the temperature dropped and the ground is setting up. I saw some slight flooding last night in front of the old North Shore Tavern. The street was icing up and was probably a nightmare once the snow started to fall. It was still slushy when we headed home about 7pm.

Yes, I know, I know, another late night in Fawnskin!

The funny thing about the lodge last night was that everyone there was still complaining about the NSIA Mayor’s Race. Bernie, the bartender, said she will probably be listening to the same ol’ complaints until the next race. If some had their way, the ballot boxes would be prohibited in there next year. We shall see, since sometimes the talk around these parts is worse than the reality.

If you never met Bernie, she is a character. She moved up to Fawnskin in the 1970s and has been here ever since–except for a short stint in Lake Havasu. One of her kids actually worked at the infamous Fawn Lodge, an old Fawnskin hot spot that seems to have hit hard times in the 1980s and never has been allowed to open since.

All I knew was that Bernie used to be a Haute Couture model (I just saw one photo of her modeling last week), so I had to ask what brought her up here. At the time, she was a single mom who was waitressing in Belmont Shores. She got fed up with some changes at work and up she came. Seems that this was their vacation destination of choice.

Anyway, I don’t have her whole story yet but she has not had a boring life. One story she did tell last night was the flight she took to New Zealand for lunch–she just turned around after her meal and flew back. She laughed when she reminisced over how confused her pals were at the Gold Pan when she walked back in so soon!

The stories of the people who live here never cease to amaze me.

Okay, back to last night big adventure…although I arrived early, the cooks were already into the champagne and orange juice. Guess once you finish cooking it is time to party!

The BIG excitement down at the lodge? Both Loni and Kim got to see their names up in lights!

For those of you who have not joined, or have not noticed, the lodge has this nifty neon light that scrolls the announcements of events for the week. So, if you cook–your name gets put up in lights.

I bet a multitude of people never have their name up in lights. Wow, that could be a new draw for our town–just come to Fawnskin, volunteer at the Moose Lodge 2085, and you too can see your name up in lights!

I’ll be darn, another Fawnskin first. You know, I never really thought about that until last night.

This morning the snow is falling and the wind is howling. I love this type of weather and soon, it will be time to head out and shovel–but not before I get out and look for animal tracks.

There have not been any updates on the mountain lion–and now the missing hiker in Green Valley Lake still has not been located–snow cats might be dispatched today.

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