New Fawnskin Resident & What is For Rent in Fawnskin?

Mclean Rental Fawnskin

Greg has a rental available for full-time residents over on Navajo and Mohawk. The place has a garage, two bedrooms, a shed, nice flat drive, and a laundry room.

Up the street on Mohawk and Brookside, I met new homeowner Chet (hope I spelled that right). He has been meeting the neighbors and fortunately didn’t get scared off at the New Year’s party at RD’s and Wendy’s place.

Chet is the father of three boys and when he isn’t up here, he resides in Aliso Viejo. He’ll probably be down at the Moose Lodge soon if Jerry, Dennis, and the rest of the neighbors have anything to do with it!

Bad Behavior
Back window of the truck belonging to a nasty vistor! I know many of you have missed the bad behavior section and I may resurrect it. For the most part, locals are particularly good about sharing the road and being considerate of others. On Friday night some really rude, rank, visitor accelerated into a parking spot we were just pulling into. Real jerky behavior–so here is the white Ford 150 truck’s rear window. Beware…perhaps we should all shake our fists or stick our tongues out at them…

Which brings me to the new site I found called Rotten Neighbor–boy is this a treat. The upside is you can check out the neighbor you are thinking of moving into prior to buying or renting. The downside is–if you are a bad neighbor–you might get listed!

Maybe we could start a Rotten Visitor website and post photos and commentary about visitors who litter, trash rentals, cross over the double yellow line, and engage in trespassing and other poor behavior.

Heh, heh, heh.

Alright, alright, you KNOW you just have to have a “petty self” to balance out that “higher self” stuff. Yin and Yang and all that.

Finally, just when you thought you might have seen it all, check out Parents Behaving Badly: Please don’t make us blog you.


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One Response to “New Fawnskin Resident & What is For Rent in Fawnskin?

  • 1
    Lynda Crandall
    January 21st, 2008 14:05

    I have a question for the new tenant Chet you mentioned. I have a place in Moonridge and in Laguna Niguel. Maybe you could give him my email and perhaps I could get a ride up the hill if he is coming for a couple days. I am trying to find a way to live up there full time and sometimes I just don’t want to do the drive so I just stay down here. Thanks, Lynda Crandall