Oh, that storm!

Storm Approaches Big Bear

This recent storm has been slow in creeping its way into the valley. I found myself having to venture out into Big Bear Lake yesterday despite not wanting to leave Fawnskin. The storm was on the edge of the valley threatening to creep over the mountains.

Storm Day Emminent

By the time I headed back to the North Shore of Big Bear Lake, it was in the valley. Still, I grabbed Shadow and we went for a short jaunt. Even though I was bundled up, I tend not to take chances by hiking in poor weather or when storm weather is predicted. (Which brings me to the hiker who disappeared over in the Green Valley Lake area–no word on him.)

One of the things locals know is that the weather here can change in a heartbeat. Once, I had a class scheduled to teach outdoors in Big Bear Lake. Despite my protests, the park district wanted me to extend my session into October…so we did.
Usually, October cools down significantly and in my years here in the valley there have often been early storms that have hit during that month. At the time, I was living in the East end of the valley. The sky was blue and the weather was crisp and clear BUT when I hit Big Bear Lake, I found my students huddled up waiting for class in several inches of snow.

One of the mottos of the mountain residents–and if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute or drive across the valley for a weather change.

Anyway, I forgot to tell you that Shadow and I found Shasta again. Funny, Frank had driven by with his other dog and asked me if I had seen her. As soon as he drove off out of hearing range–there she was.

Because I helped her before, she came when I called and followed me back to her house. She would only let me touch her once she was in the yard. Frank told me they are actually are jumping over the fence. This is a good reminder that during winter weather the terrain changes and the additional snow load helps critters leap over at an area where the fence is not the optimal height. Just something to think about, measure those fences to keep your critters safely in–and others out.

Fawnskin Storm

So although the storm hit last night, the wind has blown most of the pile up on my porch somewhere else. I love working in inclement weather and so am happily nestled at home working while watching the snow fall. This storm is dropping very small flakes.

My pal down the hill said they have been receiving precipitation for two days–which tells me the storm is a very slow one so if you have checked Ben’s Weather that is why it is anticipated to be around for a while–but over on the other side of the lake it is blue!

Keep warm!

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