Snow Plows & Other Musings

Fawn Lodge Snow 2008

Okay, so you wanted more pictures…here you go…just keep scrolling. If you take a look at the big old berm in front of Fawn Lodge in the picture–it ain’t so pretty once it begins to melt. The stuff forms big ruts and stagnant water pools that freeze and become hazardous to motorists and pedestrians. Who is the agency we sue over that?

Flocked Trees in Fawnskin

Does it suck to live here? Nope, we might complain, but someone has to live in paradise! We have REAL flocked tress even when it isn’t Christmas!

I have to admit that I finally had to head over to “town” the other day for errands. My adventures were surprisingly good. There was ample parking and scarcely anyone grocery shopping at Interlaken but when I got to Stater Bros–it was a zoo as usual. I don’t shop their too much because I hate the crowds, however I like the meat department and then they do have some imports that Vons does not.

The problem at both stores was that I have been hermit girl for too long and so got into long conversations with other locals whom I have not seen in a while. *sigh* Such is the disadvantage/advantage of living in a rural setting–you just have to catch up with people. How come you seem to run into absolutely everyone when 1) you are in a hurry, and 2) you are not looking your best?

One of my buddies wondered how I could afford to shop at Vons…huh? Have you ever done price comparisons? I have, and what I found was that there was not much difference if you have those nifty cards–which track your every spending habits and send them into a national database.

Anyway, I’d rather go there than fight the insanity of long lines and crowds. If I pay a little more–worth it in my book.

North Shore Antiques in the Snow

There is just something beautiful about all the businesses up here when they get that nice coat of snow over them. Here is North Shore Antiques just after a storm and before Ernie gets it all cleaned up.

I needed the break since I was still hobbling a little–but I did manage to slip into a short walk with Shadow and her mom yesterday. Still stiff but so is about half of Big Bear. Guess we all need more exercise. You can tell who has been shoveling by the grunts and groans and slower movements.

Grout Creekside

Here is a view of Grout Creek from the bridge in downtown Fawnskin. You know, I love living here…

But I digress from WHY I am posting. Someone asked who they complain to about the snow plow situation up here. I believe it depends on where you live.

Snow plow removal is important around Fawnskin since the easement takes over most of the areas in front of the businesses–but does CalTrans care?

Nope, IMHO they could give a rip about the local commerce…

Anyway, if you have a snow plow problem, you can call the county yard (good luck with that) and file a complaint through the county which has an office down the hill OR if you happen to have the good luck (that’s sarcasm in case you missed it) to live in Big Bear Lake, call the city snow removal hotline (909) 752-2830 (good luck with that too) or visit their webpage about snow removal

A couple of years ago the snow plow driver binged my bumper and had pushed the snow all the way under the truck and under the axle–not to mention blocking my stair access with boulders about triple the size of my shovel. Those ice boulders suck–can’t break ’em–just have to roll them.

I called the yard and the supervisor said he’d be over in a little while. I waited, and waited, and waited. When I called to find out what happened to him, the dimwit told me he had been by and didn’t see any damage–and nobody was home.

Gee, how about following the shoveled path to my door instead of wading through deep snow to the part of the house closed down for the winter? AND, how could he have seen anything buried in the ice and snow–you had to see the damage from the side. Anyway, calls down the hill did no good…somewhere I still have those pictures…let me just say that there will be no hot cocoa or warm baked cookies for the guy plowing our street–unless of course he changes his ways.

Here is a quick list of the last snow removal numbers available, if any are incorrect, let me know:

Big Bear City or Fawnskin, (909) 866-2167
Baldwin Lake, Erwin Lake and Sugarloaf, (909) 387-5940
Big Bear Lake, (909) 752-2830
San Bernardino County Transportation Dept Numbers
State Highway CalTRANS, (909) 866-4316.

Grout Creek in the Winter

Grout Creek is a beautiful thing when it is running and filling up Grout Bay and Big Bear Lake. It is also C-O-L-D. Beware the ice!

Snow Plow Mess in the Triangle

Now for the underbelly of living in Fawnskin. Here is a view of the Triangle road that gets missed ignored by the lazy snow plow operators drivers. The deep ruts and water make it a hazard for pedestrians and local residents. One year this mess was responsible for flooding Herb’s place.

I probably shouldn’t be complaining again since when I came back from town on Tuesday, I had to whip out the shovel to move those nice ice boulders the snow plow driver left blocking entry to my parking pad. Was it backlash? “Take that you smart a** GG!” probably echoed down the road.

Another Snow Plow Mess in the Triangle

Above you can see some of the melt pooling up at the Triangle.

So, if you have any tips or suggestions for around these parts–leave them below. I’d also be interested in who you hire for plowing. Around these parts Ronnie was supposed to have retired–but he still gets out in his tractor. Jim tends to help the neighbors, Ernie also hits a couple of businesses, and I see Pete driving his tractor down the highway occasionally, too.

Update: 2:45pm
Well, well, well. Guess who I saw down near the Triangle today? County snow plow guys! I have a few snaps to share later but they were cleaning up Rim of the World and hopefully the roads near the Triangle. BTW, I know the guy who was plowing. He lives up at the top of Fawnskin–had those apartments for sale. It is GOOD to have a local plowing, isn’t it?

Oh yeah, I forgot–you might also want to check with your local home owners association for help with any complaints. Sometimes group efforts do a lot more. Then you can climb the ladder to the County Supervisor’s Office (he has a house over here in Fawnskin) and then maybe the Governator. 

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  • 1
    Sandra & Alan
    January 10th, 2008 16:51


    We are moving Saturday and we have free stuff that we cannot take with us. If you are interested, you can come saturday morning from 8h00 am to noon at 1072B Cherokee, Fawnskin (Close to the Post Office).
    Thank you and have a great day!
    Sandra & Alan

    BTW: Sandra emailed me and said, “Thank you for your answer. We have nick knacks, neddle points, garage tools, small electronics, and kitchen pots

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