Storm? What Storm?

Animal Tracks in Snow: Dog Paws

Although severe weather is predicted for the mountain area of Big Bear, California–so far nada. This has been disappointing but some locals are whining about the cold.

Uhh, excuse me–but it is winter and it supposed to be cold! In fact, I am happy that we are actually getting some winter weather and precipitation. For those who whine, maybe you should become snow birds.

For those of you who don’t know, snow birds are people who relocate to warmer parts of the nation during the winter. They “flock” to the desert and other locations without snow.

According to Ben’s Weather, we are in for a massive dump of up to a foot starting sometime today and into next week. Don’t hold your breath is what I say.

Shadow and I hiked up past Hanna Flats yesterday and turned around when the sky began to threaten to dump but it cleared up by the time we got back into town.

Yesterday, the roads up to Big Bear were dry but the checkpoint was not letting some of the commercial trucks up without chains. Now I understand about being careful because the winter driving conditions in Big Bear change rapidly–but there has to be some sort of compromise and commonsense used when the roads are dry and no snow is falling to let suppliers get their wares up to our valley.

I heard about two truckers who had leased vehicles whose contracts don’t allow them to put chains on the trucks. Go figure. The companies should make arrangements to address the situation rather than simply turn around and not deliver. Talk about needing customer service training. *Sigh*

Alas, such is the cost of doing business in the “wilderness.” *snicker* Maybe they should watch Ice Truckers and pick up some pointers.

Over at Moose Lodge 2085, Kevin is going to be cooking up a storm for Valentine’s Day. He is doing his Prime Rib dinner with all the fixings for $22 per person. Make those reservations!

Finally, in regards to the Fawnskin Flyer: During the transition into this new format, I’ve been posting every day. However, I’ll be backing off to between three to five times per week here unless something significant happens…a gal’s gotta have some time to do other things and make a living! Want me to post more? Dig up some advertisers–or leave a tip–I’ll have that option available shortly.

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4 Responses to “Storm? What Storm?

  • 1
    Jerry Hutchins
    January 24th, 2008 07:56

    What does Hanna Flats look like? It is my favorite place to camp in Big Bear when I go in my Jeep for some 4wheeling and photography. Since the fires they the FAS has blocked the road. Do you have an photos?

    Jerry “JJ” Hutchins – The “Photo Jeeper”
    P.S. I really like your blog. I am a San Diego “flatlander”. LOL

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    January 24th, 2008 10:07

    Jerry, thanks for popping in for a visit. I don’t have any recent photos–just those I took right after the Butler Fire II. It was a mess last time I visited and still smoking…I just moved the blog over to word press and a new host so it will take me a while to find the post but you can check the archives for September 2007. If the picture links are broken you can visit the backup site (which will be taken down soon) at

  • 3
    Jerry Hutchins
    January 28th, 2008 09:44

    Thanks, wow! I hope that I can go camping there this summer, may need to look at the other campgrounds.

  • 4
    February 1st, 2008 07:45

    @Jerry: The snow into Hanna Flats was too deep when I hiked up to Camp Whittle. I’d try Serrano, even though it will be busy. The fire really swept through Hanna Flats. In fact, when I hiked up a couple of weeks after the fire–it was still smoldering so I didn’t venture in too far. Imagine I’ll get in their closer to spring unless I borrow some snow shoes.