Evening Adventures at the Fawnskin Market

Yesterday HM finally got me to leave the house. I’ve been immersed in online work and have not emerged for a long while…we ventured into the village and then, instead of spending money at Vons, we headed back to town to make a purchase at the Fawnskin Market.

One of the first things we noticed was that Mike’s (aka Ayman’s) truck had a big ding in it. When we asked about it, he told us that someone had slid into him off the highway during work hours–it was a hit-and-run about two weeks ago. If you have any info on it, let him know.

Geez, talk about really bad manners. In the past, I’ve had someone do the same to my truck. They slide on the ice and damaged the side–never leaving a note or number–they just left.

Anyway, as in most of my visits to the Fawnskin Market, Mike called me behind the counter to help him. This time it seems his computer system picked up not only a few trojans but also a few viruses.

We teased him about it but he said his system had been down the hill and was in another business being used by other people. When it was finally returned he started to notice some pop ups and other glitches.

This is one of the reasons you have to be careful about surfing the Internet, clicking on email attachments, and other computer activities. This situation was not a good one especially since it his work computer and POS (point of sales) system. Both HM and I spent a long time visiting with Mike while we launched additional anti-virus software and waited while it scanned his computer–twice.

One of the buggers took additional time and energy to eliminate–and so, that was our wild night out in town…

In case you are wondering, some of the local computer guys recommended AVG by Grisoft–Grisoft also has a free personal version here.

If you have not been to the Fawnskin Market lately, you should stop by. I am always amused by the latest discoveries–last night we saw he has license plate frames you can personalize and reasonably priced camp stoves.

For visitors, he also carries those very fashionable moon boots plus hats, gloves, toboggans, and assorted winter wear. What you probably don’t know is that he also has a pretty fair selection of tire chains!

The store is really clean and nicely stocked. Although I miss Doris and the color she brought to town, Mike has a funny sense of humor and shares many interesting adventures. He likes it here and shared some of his former life stories working down the hill.


Sometimes we take for granted the unusual life style we all get to share living here in a small town…

Which leads me to this little shocker–graffiti here in Big Bear! (Sorry, no snap.)

HM and I saw some on the side of a…whatever it was…over near Garsten Drive and the Boulevard.

Now sometime back I noticed there was a door tagged with graffiti here in Fawnskin but we figured it was those silly local kids. This is a new development for the community. I’ve watched it slowly creep up the highway over the past few years.

We thought it was pretty stupid and disgusting…and doubt it was locals.

It goes along with the bad behavior we increasingly see such as litter in the woods, invasion of private property, and poor behavior in public…so imagine my surprise when I found this article on shop rage and an article on the shop rage trend from Queensland.

Not too long ago we discussed the problem of graffiti and more with Mike Haskins over at the Moose Lodge 2085–reminiscing over how clean southern California used to be…then I got an earful from my pal over in Las Vegas.

He was mad because he is seeing really poor behavior from immigrants over there and insists the next phase is all out war between the races. Now, I have to say that this country was developed from immigrants, today, I believe the problem goes to lack of good parenting and non-accountability or fear of frivolous lawsuits.

I don’t want to get into this topic on a large scale but when I traveled abroad, other countries didn’t cater to my American needs by translating for me or other such nonsense. I was expected to adapt and learn–this issue within the borders of the USA has become a hot one for many of my pals in the last few weeks.

So, what do you think about the state of things around these parts–leave your opinion.

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One Response to “Evening Adventures at the Fawnskin Market

  • 1
    michael d haskins
    February 29th, 2008 06:04

    Hello GG , I used to do fire lookout at butler peak in the late 80s and early 90s , It was a wonderful time everything as it was, and had been for many decades, then the element poured up here. the windows at the peak were covered with scared graffiti, the rails around the porch kicked out, the sign at the base stolen, and used for fire wood, the road once magnificent views now with rocks covered with more graffiti. It broke my heart to see this happening here too. I guess that’s what happens when people care more about a dollar than they do of what goes on around them in their own backyard…the problems of this country will only be solved in the high chair and not in the courts, too many parents are out chasing dollars and not tending to the young, and the youth get their education on television, Americas Babysitter.