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So, I missed the big events over here on Saturday but hear it went well. Anyone take any snaps?

The word on the Mardi Gras was that it was lightly attended, with a small Moose Family gathering. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t crowded but since the place was packed for Valentine’s Day–guess everyone was partied out!

If you did not see it, there was a timely article in the Grizzly regarding the local road conditions around here. However we have some under the jurisdiction of CalTrans and local concerns are up again now that another storm is on the horizon.

Concern is that if we have more freeze heaves the damage will be worse. If you look below at the slide show, the pictures are taken on Garden Place, Mohawk, and North Shore Drive (Highway 18) over here in Fawnskin.

I unclogged one drain and I saw some of the neighbors dig out a fire hydrant. There is a big problem with some of the road damage being caused by the plowing services blocking the drains–this leads to the snow melt running down the channels and undermining the road…not to mention massive flooding that hammered the community a couple of years ago.

Many of the drainage channels are marked with road markers–you can see some of the flooding resulting from failure to clear. Jerry knocked a whole in the one berm so that Fawnskin Realty would not flood during the last couple of storms. Ronnie also often heads out to look after the neighbors and businesses, too.

Hopefully, this storm won’t be too bad but it looks like it is going to be around for a few days. If you want a longer glimpse at any photo, just move your mouse icon over it and the scroll will pause. If you want to zoom in on any snap, just right click and choose “Zoom In.” (If you are using a personal computer.)


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