Small Town Scuttlebutt

No FishingSo, all I really have to do is venture into town for a dose of the “scoop.”

First, Amangela’s was hopping. I met a pal over there for a visit and a snack. It was warm and the food was good as usual.

On my amble down, the snow on the sides of the road was melting and looks like hell. The berm piles are covered with the black road muck (don’t you like those technical words?) and so the roads turn icy at night when the melt freezes into black ice.

NSIA met at Fire Station 49 last night for their potluck since Old Miller School House is still undergoing a renovation of the bathrooms. Big news around these parts–especially since they have a bunch of workers over there–filling the parking lot. How many contractors does it take to renovate a vintage bathroom?

HM and I headed over to the Moose Lodge 2085 when he finished work. The sad news is that Kevin has cancelled the Valentine’s Day prime rib dinner. Kevin does such a great job but didn’t have enough sign ups. However, the upside is that he is doing prime rib sandwiches with a special desert and there will be live entertainment.

BTW HM and I will celebrate two years together Thursday and will be having a holiday weekend to celebrate it in addition to Valentine’s Day.

From other news scuttlebutt sources, I was reminded that this weekend is the big Mardi Gras party at the Moose Lodge 2085. Cheryl and Robert Carter cook up a great meal and you won’t want to miss it. The festivities start at 5pm.

The hot commodity last night were the Moose Lodge Super Bowl shirts…missed that party because I was at another. Ah, so many parties…so little time.

The big discussion was past films that were shot here in Fawnskin. One of the most famous infamous ones was a Hallmark film, “Angel in the Family.” I personally don’t enjoy Hallmark films but this one Fawnskin folk have to watch because most of it was filmed here. Fawnskin was morphed into the small town of Trinity and adorned with lovely holiday decorations.

AND the big news was that many, many of the locals filled in as extras in the film. Mind you, they didn’t get extras’ pay which is a very naughty thing for Hallmark to do. Sigh, poor ol’ mountain folk…

Anyway, the chat was amusing because people started talking about other movies that weren’t filmed here and then mass confusion ensued as others expressed their disbelief over the fact that Fawnskin was allegedly the filming location.

Yep, big excitement and big discussions all in one night.

Finally, watch out when you visit the Moose Lodge as they are looking for members to step up to serve as officers and trustees (the changing of the guard takes place in May)–but if you want to participate in a group that does a lot of good without tooting their horn–now is the time to step up to the plate.

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