Spring has not sprung!

People across the valley have surprised me with their glee at the recent warm weather spell. Yesterday, was a beautiful day (everyday is a beautiful day here IMHO) but the streets of Big Bear were exceptionally quiet. When a long time local told me he hoped winter was over, it disturbed me.

I moved here because I like the community and I love the four seasons…and yes, I am about over shoveling, moving snow, and the insane gas bills BUT on behalf of the trees, birds, and animals…not to mention the spring and summer tourist season, I had to remind that whiner that March tends to be one of the winter months where we get the most precipitation.

Personally, I am thrilled at watching Grout Creek actually flow into the lake. Yesterday I walked up and listened to one of the waterfalls as it gushed its way down to the overflow pipe and down to Grout Creek.

Walking down to town is not longer simply filled with the chirps of birdsĀ  and alarm cries of squirrels–the gurgling of the brook as it makes its way to the lake can be heard on Mohawk from Brookside all the way down to Navajo.

So, rejoice in the great weather but also rejoice in the precipitation when it arrives again…and quit whining!

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