Food Glorious Food…NOT

So, it seems like once again–I hit a nerve. Comments about the lousy restaurant food up here are being posted because…where else is there to vent? Funny you should ask…

At one time I had a reader who actually took photos and reviewed the local restaurants–are you still reading? Send me the link if you are.

Now granted, everyone at sometime will have a complaint–it goes with the territory. Hair in the food and other annoyances–I’ve had those. But some of the stuff that happens around here is amazing.

You might remember the “Hot Date Turns Cold” post where it took about two hours to get our meals. HM got sick, I didn’t, but we were told, “It will be better next time.”

And imagine my surprise when I thought I might have entered into a time warp to land on the set of No Reservations last year.

Really, in all the years I had been eating at a particular restaurant I might have mentioned an inconvenience once or twice, ignoring the minor stuff–and I had just chatted with a Travel/Food Writer who was disgusted with Big Bear overall–mentioning that she should visit the establishment.

So, when I had a raw slab of fish thrown in front of me (Bad, bad GG–you didn’t finish eating the half raw fish!) splashing my silk shirt–well, you can just imagine my surprise. At first HM and I thought it was a joke!

Usually it is best to take issues to the restaurant owner. Those who are savvy will attempt to make it right–but not always.

For instance, when we dined at a local establishment and found a dish to be totally inedible, they billed us anyway. HM made them remove the charge. The fact that we informed the owner of the problem and they did nothing to rectify the situation was a problem–and since it was not the first problem encountered there–they lost our business and referrals forever.

There are places to post your reviews, contact the Health Department if you believe there are food handling or cleanliness violations, or contact the Better Business Bureau (if appropriate).

The BBB has an online complaint service if you can’t get satisfaction from the establishment. Prior to dining you might check out the restaurants ratings and violations. I’ve known some people who have requested the Health Department make another visit on an establishment that is questionable.

Locals usually stop patronizing places if they are unhappy. They also stop any referrals because word of mouth around these parts is huge.

Although I don’t think this is the case, the scuttlebutt around these parts is that most of the local rags won’t print complaints because their advertising revenue comes from the local businesses…don’t bite the hand that feeds you and all that.

Also, when you voice negative comments, there is usually a backlash–even though there is freedom of speech (or at least last time I checked there was). If an opinion is yours and the stuff is true it shouldn’t create trauma–but around these parts people have learned otherwise–just check out the letters to the editor at Bear Valley News.

Another avenue to consider is writing a letter of complaint to the local Chamber of Commerce (if the business is a member). Send a complaint to service clubs where the business maintains a membership–but don’t count on that working too well.

Are there other actions? Yes, there probably are but it just depends how involved you want to get.

Like I said, most of us stop frequenting the business and cease any referrals. However, the nice thing about the Internet (and the bad thing too) is that you can find sites that will take your reviews and get the word out elsewhere. is one such place, so is Trip Advisor and the Restaurant Database Forums.

Now if that local restaurant/food blogger sends me the link…you’ll have another place to vent.

However, remember…you can always leave comments here!

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2 Responses to “Food Glorious Food…NOT

  • 1
    Hope Guzman
    March 4th, 2008 09:56

    Ok, so I havn’t found a restaurant to “rave” about yet- but I have a wonderful time looking for it! I meet lots of friendly people open to visiting at the next table, listening to snatches of conversation- going fishing, to a play, over to “open mike” night, how great the skiing is! It is a wonderful “quilt” of conversation! I like the smell of fresh air, the beautiful scenery, and seeing the color of the lake water change as the weather changes! So, over all, the food is good, but the “package” of Big Bear and Fawnskin is AAAAA

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    March 4th, 2008 11:49

    Hey there Hope! Yes, we locals forget that being social is not the norm down the hill. I also enjoy meeting people and chatting at restaurants. My favorite hang out (sounds like you were already there) is East Side Book Cafe–the younger crowd and the artists hang out there.