Up A Creek: Grout Creek

There is just so much happening around these parts–I can’t keep up. I’ve been busy and so has town. Although I missed the NSIA Potluck with the candidates for county supervisor last night, I am sure one of the Snoop Sisters will fill me in.

Grout Creek has been the happening place and getting busier all the time…

We decided to take a stroll at dusk since the weather has been so warm, and just as suspected, we didn’t get too far because we kept running into neighbors.

Funny how a short walk can turn into hours around these parts.

Robin, Bob, & their pup Jack were out for a stroll, too. We discussed the animal tracks creekside and then went our merry way. Everyone is diligently on the lookout for cougar tracks but so far few have turned any up.

Next, we ran into Rick (part of the garden crew) as he diligently watered the garden at the Fawnskin Post Office. From there we watched as some people attempted to drive down to the creek instead of strolling creekside. The duo quickly discovered they would have to amble down.

In the meantime, Dog Man had his critters down in the creek when Rick, the game warden showed up. We didn’t pay much attention until later–while we were chatting with Rick about the local cougar activity.

Dog Man suddenly roared up in his car, slammed the door, and barked at the warden–while his car, filled with dogs, began to roll toward the creek.

“Errr, your car is rolling.” HM politely interrupted–and saved the day since Dog Man leapt in, stopping the vehicle from rolling forward into the creek and preventing certain damage.

Dog Man then commanded the dogs not to move the wheel (did they instigate the roll?) and came back to resume his ranting.

Oh well, sad to say that was the end of our cougar discussion–at least for the moment.

Protecting wildlife and game around these parts isn’t always fun. People ignore the posted signs and try to find loopholes or exceptions to the rules. I am certain many game wardens thought they would be getting into a job that was rewarding–but law enforcement can be a pain.

Last week someone was grabbing trout by hand. Yes, illegal.

Fishing off the creek right now. Illegal–even if you have a license.

Disturbing the spawning fish is a no-no and the rule of “Look, don’t touch” includes dogs.

Anyway, back creekside just yesterday Captain John and Cynthia were raking up trash and debris. Many locals pick up trash and spend time doing clean up after naughty visitors. The duo also moved the picnic tables over so they are in better spots for viewing the wildlife without disturbing them.

Good job!

Cynthia and John also said that the car wash for Fire Station 49 attracted around 60 vehicles–bringing in close to $600 on Saturday.

Finally, Captain John’s Marina is also getting ready for the season. They do have boats and slips ready but it is still pretty cold.

The scuttlebutt is that once you start seeing the carp at the surface, the temperature will be warm enough for safer kayaking and canoing activities. Also, the wind outside of Grout Bay should begin to taper off in May.

A concession will go into the trailerFawn Harbor & Marina Headquarters again this year. If you need sunscreen, hats, souvenir shirts (specific for Fawnskin) stop by–and make sure your visitors do!

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