Fawnskin Summit & Living in the Fawnskin Ampitheater

Above: Fawnskin’s Lighthouse Camp from earlier days.

Fawnskin Ampitheater

When my neighbors and I moved to Fawnskin we didn’t expect to find ourselves in an amphitheater–but that is what it sounds like Friday and Saturday nights now.

Little sleep was possible due to the noise that lasted well into the early morning hours of Saturday, followed by the big event at Moose Lodge 2085 and the wedding at the Marina–only to be followed immediately by more loud music–well it disturbed the peace of surrounding homes and made being home most unpleasant.

Most of us moved here for the quiet environment and although we all want to see Fawnskin businesses do well–the amphitheater effect needs to be confined within the establishments. I know a couple of calls were made to the brewery and promises were made–but on my homestead I didn’t notice a difference in the volume.

At least the music stopped shortly after 11pm on Saturday.

Fawnskin Summit

The town hall meeting was filled to capacity as record numbers of Fawnskin folks attended the meeting to hear what plans are in the works for the future of Fawnskin.

Hansberger said that although there are four private areas that might be developed, he only saw one in the immediate future and anticipated “a few dozen to 100” home additions.

Moon Camp’s 62 acres is one such property with an estimated 50 lots slated for development. The hold up now is the environmental impact report which is anticipated to be submitted in October with public hearings slated for some time between November and January.

As for Marina Point, they have not met with the county and cannot (per the court order) they are appealing but things remain tied up at the moment and there is no estimates as to when it may or may not come up again.

In the distant future, there are another 30 acres under private ownership but secondary access issues will make it difficult. Maximum lots is estimated to be 22 or less.

Also considered distant future is the private land up above Brookside (remember the tree photos I shot earlier in the year?) which is usable but limited due to the steep grades, limited access, and water.

Views and access to the lake were stressed as valuable assets to be kept. Concern over the economy was brought up and the goal is for businesses to prosper but to not make the North Shore over busy so that it loses those assets and charm.

Finally, the other topics discussed were water and how to be fire safe. The Big Bear Grizzly will be reporting and I’ll include the link to the story once it is up.

Chief George Corley stressed that fire season preparation is now. The valley now being reorganized so that all fire stations will operate as one organization. Which is good news!

There were many things discussed but I’ll just mention a few:

  • More than one million dead trees were removed.
  • Chipper days is around the corner.
  • A third full-time position was added to our Fire Station 49.

A question about flooding came up but with the year of growth since the fires of 2007 and the burn rehabilitation by the Forestry Service–concerns are minimal.

LaHaye of the Department of Water and Power shared the fact that Fawnskin makes up about 5% of their total customers. (Windy Point to Canyon…with Big Bear Shores “grandfathered in.”) Anything East of Canyon is not in their jurisdiction.

The well drilling on Cherokee is done and should be operational this fall or next spring.

There were many other topics and each of the Fawnskin organizations had a representative speak about their roles and goals. I invited them to post online in the special issue of the Fawnskin Flyer handed out at the summit–hopefully they will.

I am out of time…more later…and more in the Grizzly later this week.

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2 Responses to “Fawnskin Summit & Living in the Fawnskin Ampitheater

  • 1
    Ben North Shore Brewing Co
    June 23rd, 2008 14:32

    Hello to all! We hope all of your weeks are off to a good start. As with any small town rumors are flying, which have gotten back to us, that our attempts to bring live entertainment as well as something fun to do on the weekends here to Fawnskin are being met with so-so results. The biggest complaint has been the noise as noted in the above post. First and foremost as the locals that have come in and met us know we are a community/local based restaurant with our sole focus being the locals. As such this disturbs us and we are working on some solutions to the problem. At this time we do not have any concrete solutions in place but please note that we are aware of the issue and as such are working on a solution that will work for all parties concerned. We will have something in place by this weekend and welcome any calls or emails addressing the issue. Everything we are doing starting with our prices/staying open on Tuesdays/getting involved with community events/etc is to be a local business. While we welcome the tourist business our priority remains our locals so please visit often and let us know how we can better serve you. Thank you to all that have come in and supported us and we look forward to meeting all of you.

    North Shore Brewing Co

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    June 23rd, 2008 17:45

    Thanks for posting Ben. I am sure your phone has been ringing just like mine has and I look forward to seeing the solutions. I should be down soon, your opening and hours were posted on the flyer and the announcement was out before you were even open–so I am looking forward to chatting with you in person soon!