Growing Pains in Fawnskin

One of the reasons I moved to Fawnskin was for the peace and quiet–and the close proximity to nature.

Things have changed since that time and today Fawnskin seems to be suffering from growing pains.

This weekend some of my neighbors were up and we got to catch up. You should have seen the expressions change when the loud music started blaring during our visit outside on the deck.

When we had dinner with my other neighbor down the street (also out on the deck) the barking dogs kept up for about four hours–he told us they were a consistent problem. They were still barking when we left and I wonder if they ever shut up. (At least now I know where those dogs actually live–I’ve mentioned the problem before.)

Then one of our guests mentioned being shocked at the loud parrot calls and the howling of dogs just up the street. You see where they live, it doesn’t matter what the time of the day or night it is–the rules get enforced. If you complain about noise–action is taken.

Guess we are losing the peace and quiet in Fawnskin.

Which is bizarre, because the funny thing is that people come up here to get away from it all so the noisy neighbors are not appreciated.

It used to be that you could talk with your neighbors and they would make amends or alter their behavior in consideration of the neighborhood–doesn’t seem to be the case these days.

There are laws on the books to deal with such matters. Most of us try to deal directly with the issues but that has not seemed to work.

I endured the restaurant noise for a while, shutting my windows and even leaving for peace and quiet.

I also took the time and called down directly to the business to discuss the loud music. I was told they were working on it and that I would notice a difference that night.

I am still waiting…and it is getting worse, not better.

Last week NSIA met and made a request that the place adhere to county noise ordinance guidelines. No luck–and to make matters worse, the music went until 2am on SaturdaySunday.

It is a huge disappointment that the place can’t be bothered to be concerned about the quality of life or disturbing the peace of full-time residents.

Let me clarify something here–because I think people are confused over this issue.

The issue is not that we don’t want successful businesses in town, nor do we want to dictate how late a place operates–the issue is that we don’t want to hear the noise.

Pure and simple.

The solution seems pretty easy–turn down the volume, close the doors and windows, and sound proof the place.

In the past, Fawnskin was a bustling little town. The problem today is that residential buildings are adjacent and across from commercial buildings. The business district has residential homes right in it–not just adjacent to it.

Come to think of it, when I lived down the block and up the corner from Chad’s Place I never had to endure loud music–and yes I even popped in to enjoy it…but on my terms not on theirs. Their music didn’t disturb my peace at home.

So this whole issue has me pondering the following:

Since we are in a wildlife area–how it is impacting the animals? I just read about urban noise stressing out songbirds. (Supervisor Hansberger just said he didn’t want to see the North Shore repeat the mistakes of the South Shore–to preserve the assets we have–which is the wildlife, forest, and lake access. He mentioned that this included not being as noisy or congested at the recent town hall meeting, too.)

Then there are the real estate issues. I know a few places for sale and for rent directly across from the noisy business. What happens if they don’t disclose the issue? Will the noise prevent rentals? Will the noise have people drop out of escrow?

I also wonder what all my absentee neighbors will think about the noise when they come up and experience it for themselves.

Anyway, I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say on the matter. In the upper right corner you will find a poll. Take a minute and leave your vote–or your comment.

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2 Responses to “Growing Pains in Fawnskin

  • 1
    June 30th, 2008 16:55

    The noise from un-muffled “choppers” tearing through town is a much bigger annoyance and occurs at all hours. Seems that a noise ordinance should apply to bikes too!

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    June 30th, 2008 21:02

    @Paul: Thanks for commenting. You can add boat motors and loud radios from cars–and don’t forget about the diesel trucks who leave thier Jake brakes on as they go through town.
    IMHO in _ALL_ of these situations we are suffering from growing pains, lack of enforcement, and lack of consideration.