Out of Town…Quick Update

Delamar Fire: Wow did the rumors every fly regarding the fire. It was at about an acre when I heard but was quickly contained. I wasn’t too thrilled about it but was happy to see the heliattack filling up because I new the guys and gals were on it.

People around town were talking about the DC-10 and all kinds of silly stuff. Don’t speculate, take the time to get the facts.

This is probably a good time to make your evacuation list, too.

I hate to even think about that but it seems like it may be a hot, dry, summer and it would be best to be prepared.

Amphitheater: There have been some discussions regarding the noise issue in town and some sort of solution is supposed to be in place by this next weekend. I won’t be the only one that will be happy if that is true!

Ben from NS Brewing Company took the time to comment on Monday’s post. Check it out while you are here.

Chipper Days is coming up so start getting all your yard debris together…

BTW: I am out of town for the day so have fun without me!

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