Bruin Trail Water Break & Bad Neighbors

Snoop Sister Deb Reports:

dwp-logo.gifAs I walked out of my house at 6:15am Monday, I smelled water.  There was a water trail up Mohawk and up Brookside to the left.  According to a DWP worker, a T in the pipe broke at around 4am Monday, right above Ron & Pia’s house on Bruin Trail close to Brookside.  The water traveled on the side of Ron’s house and down through other yards on Brookside.  The worker that I talked to said the break probably happened because of high water demand.

The worker was sweeping mud off of Ron’s driveway. Apparently, the only two houses that don’t have water are Ron’s house and the house next door to him.  I guess the DWP personnel have alarms that tell them when there is too much water flowing somewhere. 

A big DWP truck with a bulldozer just went by to get right on the problem.  

11:45am Update

DWP personnel are still working on the problem (of course I left my camera at home) so it should be fixed shortly.

Bad Neighbors

Thanks for the comments regarding the noise from the last post. Just so you know, two neighbors went down to the establishment shortly after I recorded the noise. They were shocked to find only about six patrons in the place.

All that inconvenience to all of us for SIX people?!

Anyway, my neighbor who argued with me that the band was outside found that I was correct and that the band was in fact, inside. The sliding doors were open and the volume was intense.

They were told by the manager, that he was within legal limits and that he is zoned commercial.

Does it make it right?


Is he a good neighbor?


He lost four customers over the issue and we drove into Bear Lake to spend money on food and drinks because if he is not concerned for us why should we support the noise pollution that disturbs our peace?

As far as the suggestions, there are actions being taken as we speak. Too bad.

As for the other things–see my comments on the previous post.

Parking Madness

Speaking of bad neighbors. We have some new renters that moved in. They promptly decided that they could park in someone else’s driveway without permission. They also block one full lane of traffic by parking on the street.

This is being bad neighbors.

Most of us love to work with our neighbors and are inclined to help…but you need to ask. The problem these days is that people don’t and then get nasty when they are caught.

Guess what? This is not a good idea if you want to have a nice life here in Fawnskin…and you could be reported at!

Anyway, as luck would have it they were busted by the owner and had to park in their own parking area. However, I am sure they will be at it again.

Internet Issues

Some locals report Internet service access issues. I know I found some down in Running Springs over the weekend, too.  You might be glad to hear that Verizon may soon offer Internet services to the area–read more.

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2 Responses to “Bruin Trail Water Break & Bad Neighbors

  • 1
    July 8th, 2008 22:12

    Noise pollution is stressful and the people responsible for it are rude, discourteous and self-centered. If it comes from commercial establishments or private individuals it reflects the low mentality of the “F-you” crowd. Good luck Fawnskin on fighting the fungus of disrespect in your community.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    July 9th, 2008 06:40

    You know, you hit the nail right on the head based on what the manager has told the neighbors who have gone down to talk to him. On the phone and online he talks like he is concerned but as they say, “actions speak louder than words.”