Guest Post by “Knuckles”

The following is a guest post by “Knuckles.”

Yo! GG’s really bizy dese next few days so I thought I might kinda help her out and contribute a little bit seeing as how I get so much enjoyment from reading da Flyer, and I owe her a little favor or two.

I hear youse guys in der in Fawnskin got a little weekend noise problem. Well, I moved here recently and I’ve got a little problem of my own, lemmetellyaboutit: I can’t find a decent coffee up here to save my life!

Being recently relocated from a certain East Coast city, which shall remain nameless, by da good graces of a certain Justice Department program I am new to dis here area.

Where I come from we got a thing called espresso. It’s a strong coffee dey make in a big machine (and a heavy one too! Dis one time, when me and my cousin Tony wuz just kids, we “found” one one night when dis joint left dere back door unlocked. It took bof of us carrying da thing to get it over to Louie’s where we can get a few bucks for it.)

Anyways, when espresso is made right it’s kinda sweet and creamy and rich. It’s delicious and it’ll keep you up all night if you gotta go out burying someding, but if you make it wrong it tastes like boiled shoe leather.

Anyhows, I get moved up here to dis place, which is kinda nice even doh I can’t understand what youse guys is saying half de time, and dere is NO DECENT ESPRESSO! Dere is stuff CALLED espresso, but mostly it tastes like da shoe leather, except for when the one kid with da funny looking hair makes it. In my ol’ neighborhood anybody open a store selling dat crap dey be whacked da first day for sure!

So, to make a long store short, youse gots dis here little problem with dis certain food establishment, and I’ve got dis BIG problem seeing as how dere’s no decent espresso on dis here mountain. Maybe I do youse guys a favor….and maybe youse guys could me a favor in return?

Maybe I go down der and “talk” to dis Ben for little bit. Maybe Ben don’t hear so good and additional measures would need to be taken on like a more permanent basis. So den dis certain food establishment would be undergoing a “restructuring”. No more loud music past say 10:00 p.m., except, of course, if da DJ should happen to play Frank singing “My Way”. Maybe a certain big heavy machine would show up on da counter…ya know, like a gift compensating for something of lesser value that was “misplaced”.

All that would need to be done would be to get to da kid wif the funny hair to show up and make da espresso. Perhaps youse guys who were formerly bothered by the noise could go and talk to da kid, you know, make him an offer he can’t refuse.



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