High Timber Ranch Project Moonridge/Sugarloaf

Emailed to Fawnskin Flyer from several sources:

The county has sent notices of preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the High Timber Ranch project, along with the Initial Study.  The proposed project is 196 single family lots (plus 15 acres of open space) on 166 acres in the area between Moonridge and Sugarloaf.

The scoping meeting for this project EIR is this Saturday, July 19, from 9 until noon at North Shore Elementary School (on Stanfield Cutoff). Comments for the EIR scoping (ie, what questions/environmental information you believe should be addressed by the EIR) are due into the county by July 29 and can be sent to Matthew Slowik, Senior Planner, 385 N. Arrowhead Ave., 1st Floor, San Bernardino, CA 92425-0182.

There are a couple of reasons for Valley residents may want to be involved in commenting on this from the beginning:

1) the project abuts National Forest property, with high potential for significantly exacerbating fire and evacuation issues,

2) this parcel has endangered pebble plain plants all over it and the project design would completely destroy that habitat, and

3) the Initial Study done by the County points out potentially significant impacts in Aesthetics, Air Quality, Biological Resources, Cultural resources, Geology/soils, Hazards and hazardous materials (fire safety and evacuation), Hydrology and Water Quality, Land Use/Planning, Noise, Population and Housing, Public Services, Recreation, Transportation/Traffic, Utilities and Service Systems and Cumulative Impacts — in other words this project has potential significant impacts in every area possible!

This project owners/developers are Tim Wood and Steve Foulkes.  The previous owner as well as these owners have had the opportunity, with money already availble, to sell this property for conservation, but have turned it down. This project would connect upper Moonridge with Sugarloaf and fill in almost all the space between them.

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2 Responses to “High Timber Ranch Project Moonridge/Sugarloaf

  • 1
    Dea Early
    July 20th, 2008 08:19

    I attended this meeting this morning, It should be a high concern for all in the BB Valley.

    Because it backs up to an Island of National Forest there is no major way out of the division that doesn’t severely impact traffic and property owners.

    The most interesting facts are that the owners of the development are also on the Water Board. We don’t have enough water in the Valley for the existing homes, but the minute it becomes profitable for the developer and he is chairman of DWP, they automatically have Water approval. Highly a conflict of interest for the Valley and all it’s residents.

    They also were only required to send mailers out to residents within 700 yards of the development, so needless to say there were only about 100 people at the scope meeting.

    The development is also encroaching on an endangered species “Pebble Plain” which is interesting to see how they are getting away with this one.

    Finally the existing plans are not to exit out Sawmill Canyon Rd at this time but it is on the plans to make it a 3 lane highway past my house to satisfy to fire department.

    We have the Pebble Plain here in our canyon as well as Fish and Game restriction fighting to keep it away from the Sawmill Creek Bed. Once the houses are approved and built they can then force the issue with the Sawmill Creek Bed to save lives and houses after the fact.

    This is an entire community issue and they are trying to play this down to the community. We need everyone’s help to stop this one.

    Please pass this around to Big Bear Valley Residents so more can attend the next meetings

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    July 20th, 2008 09:01

    Thanks for sending in this comment Dea.