Miller Park & The Naughty Boys

Miller Park has been getting some upgrades this year much to the delight of local residents. This week asphalting and other improvements have been completed.

If you live near the park you may have noticed the boys skateboarding. Although the yellow caution tape was up–it was removed and at least one kid was seen taking it down to skateboard on the new surface.

The problem is that the same crew of kids allegedly destroyed the tennis net in order to get skating access sometime back destroying the court for use by other residents.

It has been difficult to get the park upgrades to begin with and locals are concerned these kids will again damage the area and spoil usage for other residents.

Since the teens were seen throwing asphalt chunks this week and also tearing down the protective tape before the asphalt was set, more concerns have been raised…resulting in a call to the park district.

Part of what Reese Troublefield said,

We will have appropriate signage up in the next week or so, and will involve the sheriff is the need arises to enforce.

Okay, kids will be kids and all that but the issue goes back to parenting. If you are the parent please talk to your kids about maintaining the new upgrades to the park. If you know the parents give them a jingle and alert them to the issue. If you don’t, the sheriff will.

One local stepped up to chat with them already. Hopefully they will be responsible and make good choices.

More on another Fawnskin Park shortly…I am sure you are holding your breath in suspense.

See you at the Doo Dah Parade today at 10am!

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One Response to “Miller Park & The Naughty Boys

  • 1
    alan lub
    July 26th, 2008 08:32

    Why don’t they let that MORON with the ferrel pit bulls across the street guard the park?