Day Trips: Water Canyon Coffee

Now I like to escape the mountains periodically. This “staycation” BS that the media is feeding people is a disservice to those whose livelihoods depend on vacationers and hides the gems you can find just about anywhere within a short driving distance.

Although I’ve written about them before, Water Canyon Coffee House remains one of my favorite stops on my way to adventures in the desert.

Desert rats and those in the know fill the place at any time of the day or night. I’m not sure just how long the place has been there but it is a fine coffee house in league with those you might find in any college town.

“Get Your Brew on Route 62” is what my mug reminds me to do. Too bad we can’t get the same caliber of product up here. Water Canyon Coffee also roasts right on the premises and serves up yummy salads and other delectables.

A variety of writers can be seen working in the place because they provide free Wi-Fi. Artists of all types come and go because of the entertainment and if you look on the walls you’ll see artwork from many of the locals adorning it.

Next time you head down the back way through the desert, take a moment to stop and enjoy the place. The block is now bustling with other shops that will entice spiritual seekers, art enthusiasts, and antique buffs.

Above: Mural at Water Canyon Coffee House

Above: Get the scoop before you leave from the bulletin board!

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