Wat Dhammasujitto Buddhist Meditation Temple

Above: Wat Dhammasujitto Buddhist Meditation Temple holds a celebration.

Fawnskin was a busy place this weekend. I stopped by the Wat Dhammasujitto Meditation
Temple to join in the festivities before proceeding on to Cliff’s memorial service.

Above: Informal discussions on a break between ceremonies.

As usual many people from around Southern California had driven up to participate. Because the local newspaper did a story on the Wat Dhammasujitto Buddhist Meditation Temple, many locals also attended.

Above: Some of the crowd after lunch.

One of the things I love about having the monks for neighbors is that they always have smiles on their faces and are warm and friendly to everyone.

I usually chat with the Abbott on my daily walks. Being a neighbor has its perks…they pray for all the neighbors and send those blessings out on a daily basis.

And, who doesn’t love homemade Thai food?

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